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Who we are

WilsonPro is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of commercial cellular signal booster technology. Our brand of professional cell signal boosters is powerful and advanced, designed to help you get the strongest cell signal possible. Our systems are well-suited for virtually any scope of project and ideal for commercial, security, or fleet solutions.

We also offer benefits like an industry-leading three-year warranty on any of our products installed by WilsonPro certified professionals. We are dedicated to top-of-the-line products, superior customer service, and excellent installer partnerships—traits that make WilsonPro truly stand apart from the competition.

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Our Story

Founded by Jim Wilson, who as a kid loved amateur radio and after receiving his ham radio license at 14 years old started making antennas in his parent’s garage. And in 1968 started his first of many successful companies, Wilson Antenna, manufacturing and selling CB antennas and two-way radios.

Eventually, Wilson Antenna became the market leader and itsproducts were seen as a status symbol for truckers.

Fueled by Passion

In 1997, Jim was working away from home and wasn’t able to stay connected with his family due to spotty cell phone coverage.This planted the idea for “cell phone signal boosting systems”.

After three years of intense research and development, Jim invented and patented the first cellular signal boosting solution giving way to who we are now, Wilson Electronics.

Now, several years later we continue to innovate, develop, and pioneer technology as the industry market leader. We hold over 40 cellular signal boosting patents.

We’re passionate about our work.



Established in 2000
in St. George, Utah


Recognized global leader
in cellular boosting technology

Market Innovator with over
40 U.S. cellular signal patents

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CHI St. Luke's Memorial Hospital in Lufkin, Texas had a problem many organizations face – there was little to no cellular coverage inside the hospital buildings. The problem is that the concrete and metal in the buildings blocks the cell signal from getting inside where it is needed by the staff. In many areas of the hospital, the staff simply could not use their cell phones.     Initially the hospital considered installing a...Read more

Boost Cell Signal vs. Implementing Wi-Fi for a Better Retail Customer Experience

In today’s digitally enhanced world, the overall customer experience represents a key component of modern retail industry success. Despite the many benefits of increased technology, store owners and operators commonly express concern about effectively engaging customers on their cellular devices without sacrificing security or ease of access. As a retailer, you likely struggle with how to deliver digital incentives to your customers while...Read more