Machine to machine communication (M2M) and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) require the exchange of data between object and infrastructure, such as a vending machine and a warehouse. Cellular networks are common conduits for IOT/M2M, and a weak or spotty cellular connection can adversely affect inventories, revenue, and even security.

WilsonPro cell signal boosters detect any available signal and amplify it so that IOT/M2M communication can take place over the cellular network, ensuring a reliable connection for uninhibited data transfer.


Pro Signal 4G

SKU: 460119

The WilsonPro Signal 4G™ boosts cellular connectivity in Machine to Machine and Internet of Things applications.


Pro Signal 3G

SKU: 460109

Developed specially for M2M installations, the WilsonPro Signal 3G™ is ready to integrate with cellular modems to provide reliable signal that ensures successful data transfer.

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