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Keep officers and first responders connected for better service in critical situations.

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Safety Comes First

In a critical situation, time is of the essence. Emergency responders rely on flawless cellular networks when receiving and sending calls from their dispatch centers and control rooms. Without it, transmissions can be fuzzy or unclear and important phone calls can drop at crucial times, delaying potentially life-saving services.

Improve Public Safety with Strong Connections

When emergency medical teams and public safety officers have strong, uninterrupted access to a cellular network, they are able to communicate with one another as well as victims in dangerous situations.

Strong signals can help improve response times, promote safer operations, and assure private, secure communications for sensitive data, criminal investigations, and witness protection services.

WilsonPro Paves the Way for Public Security

Public safety officials, first responders, and law officers are committed to keeping the public safe. But without adequate connectivity, their best efforts at communication and life-saving quick response can fall short.

WilsonPro cell signal boosters help improve mobile network access in the police station, courthouse, and even in emergency vehicles, promoting secure, accurate communications and faster reaction times, resulting in safer operations and better public service.

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