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No more dead zones

WilsonPro solutions ensure people are able to use their mobile devices in all parts of large or residential buildings. Mobile devices are critical tools for productivity, job performance and life safety. We ensure they have mobile access – anytime, anywhere.

It takes a system.

Blue Print

The days of telephone landlines are a thing of the past. People use their cell phones more than ever, and rely on strong cellular reception in their offices and homes. However, sprawling, large-scale buildings made from concrete, brick, metal, and coated glass can block even the strongest cellular signals.

WilsonPro cell signal boosters work to capture the available signal outside the building, amplify it, and broadcast it indoors. This way, you can experience better voice quality and flawless data transmissions at work or home.

Board Design

Advanced, compact, 6-layer board design for shorter RF traces
and lower RF board parasitic losses.

Flexible Software

Throughout the day, cell tower signals will "fade", becoming weaker and stronger at times depending on the number of users on the system. FCC rules require that a cell phone booster must adjust in the presence of a strong tower signal.

While WilsonPro products are able to seamlessly manage this signal variability, many competitor products simply shut down, sometimes requiring costly site visits (aka "truck rolls") and system reboots. Many system integrators are now exclusively using WilsonPro to improve overall operating margins and customer satisfaction.

Uplink and Downlink Power

WilsonPro boosters (Pro70 PLUS and Pro70 PLUS SELECT) take full advantage of the October 2014 FCC rules update, and offer the highest downlink power for greatest indoor coverage, and the highest uplink power for reliable connectivity back to the cell tower.

Competitive Comparison

Independent tests prove Wilson Electronics outperforms the competition.

According to data from third party independent lab tests, Wilson Electronics in-building products provide up to 30 times more coverage area than any products offered by its closest competitor.

FeaturePro 70 PlusPro 70 PlusBrand XBrand XThe Wilson AdvantageWilsonPro Advantage
All CarriersCheck MarkCheck MarkAll major U.S. and Canadian Carriers are supported.
3G/4G LTECheck MarkCheck Mark3G, 4G and LTE data speeds are all supported.      
Max GainCheck MarkCheck MarkThe WilsonPro 70 Plus operates at the maximum allowable gain per FCC rules and regulations.
Max Coverage AreaCheck MarkCheck MarkThe WilsonPro70 Plus provides an average of more than 6 times the coverage area over our closest competitor.
Max Distance (from a Cell Tower)Check MarkCheck MarkThe WilsonPro 70 Plus provides an average of 100% more power to the cell site over our closest competitor’s product.
Max User CapacityCheck MarkCheck MarkWith an average of 2 times the uplink power over competing boosters, the WilsonPro 70 Plus allows for more simultaneous users at any given time.

In Short, Wilson Boosters provide:

(vs. the competition)


Patented Automatic Gain Control

WilsonPro products algorithmically adjust themselves to reach FCC ceiling on cell signal amplification. There is not a way to receive better gain from a cell phone amplifier than ours without carrier approval. That is why in independent tests, our cell phone amplifiers regularly outperform our next strongest competitor’s, particularly on downlink power.

Automatic Gain Control also reduces the need for field visits as competitor product often requires manual dealer adjustments when signal conditions change (such as when a new cell tower is put in place).


Advanced Board Manufacturing

WilsonPro uses Blind and Buried Vias and other advanced manufacturing on our boards to isolate noise between board components. Reducing noise allows us to keep our gain closer to FCC limits than competition.

This advanced manufacturing is part of why WilsonPro manufacturers its boosters (including board assembly) in the United States.


Maximized to the October 2014 FCC rules on Cell Signal Amplification

WilsonPro upgraded all of our products to reach the Oct 2014 FCC rules which enabled higher downlink power than prior rules.

Many competitive products were not or have not been upgraded to the ceiling allowed by these new rules.

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