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The WilsonPro line of solutions—a including repeater, hybrid, and active DAS technologies—are synonymous with reliability, performance, and adaptability. Our technology is deployed in diverse environments, from corporate offices and healthcare facilities to educational institutions and stadiums. In all these places and more, it provides consistently reliable, robust, and scalable connectivity solutions. 

As cellular and other wireless technologies continue to advance, our success has been driven by constant innovation. This is because we recognize that staying ahead requires not only meeting current needs but anticipating future industry developments.  

From addressing traditional connectivity challenges to anticipating the demands of emerging technologies, Wilson Electronics remains dedicated to shaping the future of in-building DAS. 

The Hallmarks of WilsonPro Repeater Technology 

These features and benefits continue to define the WilsonPro brand. 

1. Signal Amplification Excellence: Wilson Electronics is synonymous with signal amplification excellence—pioneering solutions that capture and magnify weak signals for robust indoor coverage. 

2. Broad Frequency Support: As cellular and wireless networks expand and become more diverse, WilsonPro evolves our technology to support a broad range of frequencies. This versatility ensures compatibility with various carriers and emerging technologies. 

3. Intelligent Signal Processing: WilsonPro repeaters offer intelligent signal processing algorithms designed to optimize signal quality and minimize interference. These algorithms significantly improve the overall user experience, providing consistent and reliable connectivity. 

4. Scalability and Adaptability: Wilson Electronics technology is scalable and adaptable, allowing organizations to fuel growth by seamlessly expanding our in-building connectivity solutions to meet the evolving needs of users and technologies. 

Patented WilsonPro Technologies  

With 180+ patents, Wilson Electronics has developed and patented several innovations that have vastly improved the mobile experience and taken the industry to new levels. Just a few of our innovations include: 

Multi-Tower Targeting 

Multi-Tower Targeting technology intelligently targets multiple cell towers simultaneously, optimizing signal reception so users enjoy uninterrupted mobile connectivity—regardless of their mobile carrier. By dynamically selecting and receiving the best available signal from various towers, it ensures consistent signals can be distributed throughout the space, mitigating challenges associated with signal variability and enhancing overall performance.  

Software-Defined Filtering 

Software-Defined Filtering technology uses advanced algorithms to filter out unwanted signals and interference, allowing for precise signal management. By dynamically adjusting filtering parameters, Software-Defined Filtering allows our solutions to adapt more readily to changing network conditions and emerging technologies.  

Cloud Monitoring 

Our Cloud Monitoring service allows for real-time performance tracking, remote troubleshooting, and proactive issue resolution. By harnessing the power of the cloud, users gain visibility into their connectivity infrastructure, so they can make more informed decisions and receive optimal performance.  

Cloud Monitoring transforms the user experience by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing and optimizing the entire system. This is particularly beneficial in healthcare settings, for example, that rely on real-time insights to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. 

Continuous Innovation and Improvement 

Wilson Electronics is continually working on future enhancements to our solutions and the user experience. 
1. Modular and Scalable Architectures: WilsonPro solutions embrace modular and scalable architectures, allowing our customers to expand and adapt their connectivity to meet evolving needs. Our system modularity ensures that organizations can future-proof their communication infrastructure and easily integrate new technologies. And that’s critical to their competitiveness. 

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: Recognizing the potential of AI in optimizing signal distribution and enhancing user experience, WilsonPro solutions have integrated AI algorithms into our DAS solutions. These smart technologies continuously analyze network conditions, predict potential issues, and dynamically adjust configurations for optimal performance. 

3. Signal Processing Enhancements: WilsonPro has introduced more sophisticated algorithms into our Signal Processing mechanism, resulting in superior filtering, reduced interference, and overall improvements in signal quality. 

What Drives Innovation at Wilson Electronics? 

We’re driven by a comprehensive and collaborative process where we strive first to anticipate what’s next, and then to deliver solutions that address those new challenges and opportunities. 

1. Research and Development (R&D): Wilson Electronics allocates substantial resources to R&D initiatives, exploring emerging technologies and refining existing solutions.  

2. Collaboration with Technology Partners: By engaging with other industry leaders, we gain access to diverse expertise and perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates technological advancements. 

3. Customer-Centric Approach: User feedback, preferences, and evolving needs play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of R&D efforts to keep our solutions aligned with real-world requirements. 

4. Developmental Agility: Our agile development methodologies provide a nimble framework for adapting to changing market dynamics. This allows us to proactively adjust to emerging technologies and evolving market needs.  

Adapting to Emerging Technologies and Market Needs 

Wilson Electronics maintains a future-focused approach—and the agility to respond quickly to new trends and industry developments. 

1. 5G Readiness: As 5G networks continue to roll out globally, Wilson Electronics ensures our solutions are 5G-ready to ensure businesses and organizations can seamlessly transition to the enhanced capabilities of 5G connectivity. 

2. IoT Integration: Recognizing the increasing role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in connectivity ecosystems, Wilson Electronics is integrating solutions that address the specific requirements of IoT devices and support the growing network of connected devices within buildings. 

3. Environmental Considerations: Wilson Electronics is exploring new, ecofriendly innovations. This includes energy-efficient solutions and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices aligned with the broader industry shift towards sustainable technology. 

The Right Solution for SpaceX 

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) gained worldwide attention as the first private company to successfully launch and return a spacecraft from orbit. Today, SpaceX is actively developing next-generation aerospace technologies with the goal of making spaceflight as simple and affordable as possible.  

The company’s Rocket Engine Development and Testing Facility in McGregor, Texas plays a critical role in ensuring ongoing mission success. The facility tests and validates SpaceX engines, vehicle structures, thrusters, and other critical components.  

With onsite personnel using cellular-connected devices throughout their workday, the SpaceX team quickly discovered that in-building cell signal was marginal at best. The metal structure and remote location of this state-of-the-art facility made it difficult to reliably connect and communicate.  

The Challenge 

Located in rural farmland in central Texas, the Rocket Engine Development and Test Facility consists of 16 specialized test stands and other onsite structures. Spanning more than 50,000 sq. ft., the central office and warehouse were built using metal and other high-quality, high-density materials that are known to block RF signal. In addition to the signal-blocking materials, the rural location that made the facility ideal for rocket engine testing also made it difficult to access reliable cell coverage. The test crew had to go outside to perform business calls, which reduced efficiency in their day-to-day operations. In addition, the facility had absolutely no coverage for Verizon bands.  

The Solution 

After assessing various in-building wireless options with several DAS manufacturers, Space X selected WilsonPro. Following a comprehensive site survey, the WilsonPro engineering team provided a professional custom layout that highlighted pathways and antenna placement. From there, an internal SpaceX team installed the Enterprise 4300 in the facility’s central office, with in-depth instructions from WilsonPro’s technical team. The installation process ran smoothly with minimal disruption. 

The Results 

“The main end users who were having issues instantly saw improvement. One described it as a night-and-day difference” says Joseph Rivera, a Telecommunications Technician for SpaceX. “Users now work more efficiently and can easily take business calls and operate their phones inside the building.” The central office is now connected to reliable coverage for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and other major carriers. 

SpaceX has since installed another WilsonPro system at the facility, and Riviera recommends WilsonPro to telecommunications personnel at other SpaceX sites that are looking for better mobile connectivity. 

The Impact of WilsonPro on Connectivity 

WilsonPro’s innovations in wireless connectivity have had a considerable and widespread impact, extending far beyond individual case studies.  

1. Empowering Businesses and Organizations: WilsonPro solutions empower businesses and organizations to overcome connectivity challenges, fostering an environment where seamless communication enables productivity and growth. Reliable connectivity enables better operational efficiency, employee collaboration, and customer satisfaction. 

2. Enhancing User Experience: The focus on user-centric solutions ensures that everyone at a particular location—employees, patients, students, or visitors—can count on consistently reliable wireless reception across all covered bands. WilsonPro’s innovations reduce the frustrations and loss of productivity associated with dropped calls, slow data speeds, and dead zones. 

3. Facilitating Technological Adoption: By being at the forefront of 5G readiness and IoT integration, WilsonPro solutions facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies. This not only makes connectivity infrastructure future ready, but also positions our business customers to leverage the full potential of advancements in the digital landscape. 

4. Supporting Mission-Critical Applications: In industries where communication is mission-critical, such as healthcare and public safety, consistent and reliable connectivity ensures that critical applications and communications remain uninterrupted, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals. 

Anticipating Future Trends in DAS Technology 

As the landscape of in-building connectivity continues to evolve, Wilson Electronics is poised to play a crucial role in shaping it with: 

1. Integration of Edge Computing: Wilson Electronics is well-positioned to contribute to this trend by optimizing connectivity for edge devices and applications. 

2. Increased Focus on Energy Efficiency: With a heightened emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, Wilson Electronics is continually looking for ways to make connectivity technology more eco-friendly. 

3. Enhanced Security Protocols: As connectivity becomes more intertwined with critical operations, enhanced security protocols within DAS solutions are expected to be a top priority. Wilson Electronics systems support more robust security features that safeguard communication infrastructure. 

4. Advanced Predictive Analytics: The incorporation of advanced predictive analytics for proactive monitoring and issue resolution is becoming increasingly important in DAS solutions. Leveraging our expertise in cloud monitoring and AI integration, the development of new predictive analytics tools remains an important initiative.

Discover the Advantages and Possibilities of WilsonPro Technology 

Whether you’re looking to optimize connectivity in a corporate office, healthcare facility, educational institution, or any other environment, WilsonPro offers tailored and scalable solutions to meet your specific needs. 

  • Cutting-edge repeater, hybrid, and active DAS Technology 
  • Customized In-building Solutions 
  • Proven Performance 
  • Future-Ready Connectivity 

To learn more about advancing wireless connectivity for essential communications, contact Wilson Electronics for product demos, consulting, and personalized solutions that redefine the way you connect. 

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