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WilsonPro Pro 1100’s Enhanced Uplink and Downlink Capabilities Reach Faraway Cell Towers and Cover More Indoor Square Footage for Mid-sized Commercial Spaces including Retail, Restaurant and Office Buildings

Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular amplifier technology, today announced the availability of the WilsonPro Pro 1100, which provides the highest uplink and downlink power of any cell signal amplifier at its price point. The Pro 1100 will provide superior cell signal quality for its users thanks to its ability to reach cell towers that are further away and the power to cover up to 35,000 square feet of indoor square footage, making it a perfect solution for mid-sized commercial spaces including retail, restaurant and office buildings.  Product Images-pro-1100-461147-f-connector-wall-mount-2 (1)

The Pro 1100 is an excellent solution for retailers wanting to bring their online experience into brick and mortar locations where cellular coverage can be challenging. The strengthened cellular connectivity provided by the Pro 1100 also increases employee productivity and reduces WiFi and network traffic in commercial office spaces. In addition, the Pro 1100 enables restaurants to deploy SMS notifications for waiting guests and provides strong cellular service so patrons can stay connected while they dine.

To reach cell towers from a great distance, it is important for cell signal amplifiers to have high uplink power. The Pro 1100 features a strong uplink power of up to +25 dBm, enabling it to reach these faraway cell towers. High downlink power is also crucial for greater indoor coverage, and the Pro 1100’s enhanced downlink power of +15 dBm enables the cell signal amplifier to cover mid-sized spaces up to 35,000 square feet, pending strong outside signal.

The Pro 1100 includes a color LCD touchscreen which provides a great user experience and assists with the ease of installation. In addition, the LCD touchscreen’s enhanced navigation capabilities enable users to monitor the unit’s performance, adjust the antenna, view signal strength meters and turn cell bands on and off. The kit will also include an outdoor wide-band directional antenna and an indoor omni-directional wide-band dome antenna for superior coverage for mid-sized commercial buildings.

“We’re thrilled to release the Pro 1100, the cell signal amplifier with the highest uplink and downlink power in its price range on the market,” said Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics. “Without support, cellular signal can be impeded by natural environmental barriers such as mountains or trees, as well as common building materials like brick, steel, concrete and LEED-certified windows. The Pro 1100’s strong uplink and downlink capabilities ensure that it will reach faraway cell towers and cover a larger indoor area so users in commercial retail, restaurant and office spaces can enjoy the strongest cell signal possible.”

Like most WilsonPro amplifiers, the Pro 1100 has eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology to ensure the amplifier is always optimizing performance and will never overload or shut down, regardless of changes in outdoor signals. The Pro 1100 has cell site protections that auto-detect and prevent any cell tower interference, as well as a best-in-class warranty that protects the product for three years.

The Pro 1100 ensures strong voice and data coverage, including 4G LTE, by amplifying weak cellular signals to inside mid-sized spaces where cell signal is obstructed. It works with all North American cell phone networks, simultaneously amplifying all cell signals regardless of carrier.

The WilsonPro Pro 1100 is available immediately for purchase through authorized WilsonPro distributors and dealers. Visit this page here to learn more: /products/pro-1100-50-ohm.

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