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5G Speeds Inside.

Concrete, steel, and windows distort radio frequencies, making indoor cellular coverage unreliable. Optimize your network with our customizable 5G repeater solutions.
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Experience the New Standard in Wireless.

WilsonPro is innovating how companies stay connected to their employees and customers with advanced 5G amplification technology.

Rapid Installation

Amplify cellular coverage fast without disruption.

Clear-Cut Improvement

Optimize performance now and in the future.

Return On Investment

Invest in an affordable, long-term solution.

A Few Brands that Count On WilsonPro.

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5G Speeds, Inside and Out.

5G is lightning fast. Unfortunately, its speed makes it difficult to extend coverage. Until now. Learn more about our customizable solutions to expand all carrier 5G networks everywhere.

Extend 5G

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In-Building Signal Repeaters

Our enterprise-grade repeaters strengthen cell coverage throughout buildings and across campuses.

In-Building Solutions
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IoT Devices

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Outdoor Signal Repeaters

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Advanced Tech. Amplified Signal.

At WilsonPro, we don’t just improve existing wireless communications technology. We invent it.

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