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For systems without XDR technology, prevent overload with an attenuator.
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A 10 dB Attenuator (N-Female) Image

10 dB Attenuator (N-Female)

SKU: 859926


6 dB Attenuator (N-Female)

SKU: 859936

Frequently Asked Questions About Attenuators and XDR Technology

What is repeater system overload?

Overload is caused by close proximity to a cell tower providing a strong signal. Overload is only an issue when the strong signal causes the system to shut down or if it interferes with the amplifier’s ability to pull in a weaker signal from a far away tower.

When is it necessary to install attenuators in a cellular repeater system?

Attenuators are used to troubleshoot system overload. They are only necessary in repeater systems that don’t come with XDR technology.

What is eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology?

XDR technology allows repeater systems to immediately and automatically adjust themselves to any changes in outside signal, up or down. The technology virtually eliminates the chance of the system shutting down and cellular signal dropping out.