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WilsonPro Cables and Connectors

Experience seamless connectivity with our high-quality wireless cables and versatile connectors designed to be the backbone of your cellular signal amplification system.
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Versatile Cables for Any Installation.

Cellular repeater systems require high-performance cable and adaptable connectors to maximize efficiency and minimize attenuation. Every install is different. Some spaces require plenum cable to meet specific fire codes, while others need flexible cable to maneuver around tight corners. Whatever the requirements of an installation, WilsonPro has the cell phone booster cables to connect a repeater system with minimal signal loss.

½ in. coaxial cable

Wilson ½ in. Coaxial Cable

SKU: 952006


F-Male Crimp Connector

SKU: 971150


100 ft. RG11 Low-Loss Coax Cable

SKU: 951100


75 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952375


F-Female to N-Male Connector

SKU: 971128


N-Male Crimp Connector (RG-58)

SKU: 971116


500 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952305


N-Female to N-Female Connector

SKU: 971117


2 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952302


FME-Female to SMA-Female Connector

SKU: 971136


1000 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952301


100 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952300


60 ft. Wilson-400 Ultra Low-Loss Cable

SKU: 952360


SMA-Male to F-Female Connector

SKU: 971165


2 ft. Black RG11 Low-Loss Coax Cable

SKU: 951127


N-Female to FME-Male Connector

SKU: 971108


10' Window Entry Cable

SKU: 951177


F-Female to F-Female Connector

SKU: 971129

A LMR-400 Plenum Cable Image

Wilson-400 Plenum Cable

SKU: 952001


N-Male Crimp Connector

SKU: 971109


FME-Male to SMA-Male Connector

SKU: 971119


F-Male to N-Female Connector

SKU: 971151


N-Male to N-Male Connector

SKU: 971148


50 ft. Black RG11 Low-Loss Coax Cable

SKU: 951150


N-Female to SMA-Male Connector

SKU: 971156


75 ft. Black RG11 Low-Loss Coax Cable

SKU: 951175


SMA-Male to TNC Female Connector

SKU: 971153


Solderless Field Termination Captive Pin N Connectors

SKU: 970024


N-Female to SMA-Female Connector

SKU: 971157

A LMR-400 Plenum Cable Image

LMR-400 Plenum Cable

SKU: 952002


SMA-Male to N-Male Connector

SKU: 971132

½-inch N-Male Connectors Image

½-inch N-Male Connectors

SKU: 990074

Wilson ½-inch Plenum Cable Image

Wilson ½-inch Plenum Cable

SKU: 952003

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Frequently Asked Questions About Repeater System Cables and Connectors

How do WilsonPro cables and connectors improve the performance of my repeater system?

WilsonPro cables and connectors are engineered with high-quality materials to minimize signal loss, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency of our repeater system.

What is the maximum length of cable that can be used without losing signal quality?

This largely depends on the type of cable used. However, as a general rule, for every 100 feet of cable, signal can be reduced by half. It’s important to use high-quality cables and limit the length as much as possible to maintain signal quality.

How do installers determine maximum cable length?

The maximum cable length is based on outside signal strength as well as other gains and losses throughout the repeater system​. It is recommended to keep cable runs under 100 feet from amplifier to antenna.

What’s the difference between 75 ohm and 50 ohm coaxial cable?

50 ohm coaxial cable connectors are generally recommended for cellular repeater system installations. 50 ohm cable is the large commercial industry standard and provides slightly less loss per 100 feet of cable. Installers may opt for 75 ohm coaxial cables if the building is already pre-wired with 75-ohm cable.

What is plenum cable and when should it be used?

Plenum cable is a high performance cable for use in any wireless application requiring an easily routed, low-loss RF cable for in-building systems. It meets building codes based on the National Fire Protection Agency and National Electrical code for in-building installations. Plenum-rated cable is required in areas where cable runs through plenum spaces of buildings, including air ducts.

Why is it important to terminate or attach connectors on repeater system cables?

Terminating or correctly attaching connectors ensures a good connection to all of the various components of a WilsonPro repeater system. When this is done incorrectly, it can result in poor connections to the amplifier, which affects the overall performance of the repeater system.

What can WilsonPro Wireless Cables and Connectors Do for You?

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