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Other Accessories

Our best-in-class tools, power supplies, and converters make it easy for integrators to professionally install customized systems anywhere.
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5V AC/DC Building Power Supply

SKU: 859969


DC Hardwire Power Supply 5V/1A

SKU: 859989

A Dual Band Diplexer/Combiner Image

Dual Band Diplexer/Combiner

SKU: 859922


DC Hardwire Power Supply 6V/2A

SKU: 859923


Cable Prep Strip Tool

SKU: 992203


RG-11 Cable Prep Stripper Tool

SKU: 992202

Compression Tool for RG11 Cable

SKU: 992201


Crimp Tool

SKU: 992204

A AC/DC Power Supply 12V/3A Image

AC/DC Power Supply 12V/3A

SKU: 850010


AC/DC Power Supply 5V

SKU: 850012

Frequently Asked Questions About Integrator Tools and Accessories

Are there additional tools to help integrators install WilsonPro systems?

Yes. WilsonPro provides additional tools and components to help integrators complete accurate site surveys, accurately install an in-building system, and adapt an existing system design when necessary.

Does WilsonPro provide training for professional integrators?

Yes. WilsonPro provides hands-on training for completing site surveys and installing custom repeater solutions. Learn more about Wilson University.