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Extend Mid-Band 5G. The Enterprise 1337R.

The first repeater engineered to extend C-Band frequencies, the Enterprise 1337R amplifies 5G in any building.
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Experience enhanced connectivity with WilsonPro Enterprise 1337R cellular repeater. Compatible with mid-band 5G frequencies, it instantly improves C-Band performance.
Enterprise 1337R
Detailed technical information
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Extend 5G

The Enterprise 1337R amplifies mid-band 5G operating on the C-Band (3.7 - 3.8 GHz).

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Automate Monitoring

Remote management services are readily available with built-in LTE and WilsonPro Cloud.

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Scan Networks

Real-time measurements of cellular signal are updated automatically on the LCD touch screen.

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Optimize Coverage

Amplify 5G coverage with automatic time-division duplex synchronization with any network.

A Few Brands that Count On WilsonPro.

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Remote monitoring available with WilsonPro Cloud.

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