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Absolute Peace of Mind with Uninterrupted, Priority Communication for First Responders

WilsonPro 140i, a FirstNet cell booster, fortifies your building with robust emergency communications, ensuring first responders stay connected when it matters most.
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Beyond reliable crisis communication, the WilsonPro 140i band 14 cell booster ensures seamless high-speed data transfers. It supports cutting-edge technologies such as body cam video, mapping software, and predictive AI, enhancing situational awareness for first responders.
Pro 140i
Detailed technical information
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A Few Brands that Count On WilsonPro.

About WilsonPro 140i

WilsonPro 140i provides critical in-building cellular signal coverage for first responders via FirstNet. It can be installed as a stand-alone solution or in parallel with an existing WilsonPro repeater system.

Trusted nationwide, FirstNet operates on band 14, making the WilsonPro 140i the preferred band 14 cell booster. It ensures police, fire, and rescue workers have priority access to frequencies for critical communication, covering more first responders than any other network.

  • Safety: Accelerate crisis communication and situational awareness for first responders, enhancing your on-site safety readiness.
  • Coverage: Each 140i unit covers up to 100k sq. ft. in a WilsonPro Repeater System or up to 500k sq. ft. when deployed as part of a Zinwave Hybrid DAS.
  • Convenience: FirstNet is a cellular network available from AT&T. No fixed, wired connection is required.
  • Less Noise: Digital filtering reduces interference when network traffic surges in a crisis.
  • Priority and Power: FCC rules give priority to first responders on FirstNet for mobile phones and other mobile devices, including HPUE (high-powered user equipment) which is permitted more power by the FCC.

Pro140i Features

  • Band 14 (FirstNet) cell booster
  • Certified under FCC "Industrial" amplifier rules
  • Covers up to 100k ft.2 with strong outside signal
  • Installs 'stand-alone' or in parallel with an existing WilsonPro system
  • Selectable simplex server (indoor) antenna port option for Zinwave fiber capability
  • Compatible with 4G,LTE,5G-NR Signals
  • Internal digital filtering to prevent interference with other adjacent services
  • Pro 140i can be added to any existing WilsonPro system

Benefits of WIlsonPro 140i for Emergency Communications

The WilsonPro 140i is more than just a cellular repeater; it's a lifeline for emergency services and organizations that require reliable, uninterrupted cellular communication. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted Communication - The WilsonPro 140i ensures that emergency services can maintain clear, uninterrupted communication at all times. The device amplifies FirstNet signals ensuring that critical information can be relayed promptly and efficiently, even in areas of a building or premise with traditionally poor cellular reception.
  • Enhanced Signal Strength - The WilsonPro 140i repeater is designed to boost signal strength, reducing the likelihood of dropped calls or slow data speeds. This is crucial in emergency situations, where every second counts, and communication must be swift and reliable.
  • Coverage for Large Premises - The WilsonPro 140i is ideal for large businesses and organizations. It ensures consistent signal strength throughout large buildings, so no matter where you are, you can trust in your communication lines.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain - The WilsonPro 140i is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, reducing the burden on your IT team. Plus, its robust build ensures it can withstand the demands of a busy, high-pressure environment.
  • Compatibility - The WilsonPro 140i cellular repeater is compatible with all U.S. cellular networks and devices, making it a versatile solution for organizations that use a mix of network providers.

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