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Strengthen Band 71.

The industrial Pro 710i is engineered to strengthen low-band 5G coverage exclusively on Band 71. 
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Expand 5G coverage to include Band 71 with the WilsonPro Pro 710i. This industrial repeater operates on the 600 MHz low-frequency spectrum and can be quickly added to an existing WilsonPro wireless amplification system or installed as a stand-alone unit.
Pro 710i
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Amplify 5G on Band 71.

The Pro 710i is engineered exclusively to improve Band 71 coverage dedicated to low-band 5G spectrum. It’s an excellent addition to any WilsonPro system.

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Extend 5G

Amplify low-band 5G exclusively on Band 71 up to 100,000 sq. ft.

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Scalable Amplification

Add the Pro 710i to an existing WilsonPro system or install it as a standalone solution.

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Target Band 71

Enhance coverage specifically on 600 MHz frequencies with carrier permission.

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Immediate ROI

This affordable repeater can be installed in a matter of days with minimal disruption. 

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