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-6 dB 4-Way Splitter 600-4,000 MHz (50 Ohm)

-6 dB 4-Way Splitter 600-4000 MHz (50 Ohm)
-6 dB 4-Way Splitter 600-4000 MHz (50 Ohm) table top view


Run 4 antennas from a single cable; for use with WilsonPro cellular repeaters

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This 4-way splitter (859117) is used with WilsonPro cellular repeaters to split a signal into 4 equal parts, allowing 4 antennas to be run from a single cable and receive similar strength. It is required in order to add C-Band antennas (311245, 311243, 311242) and repeaters to an existing system. Designed to be used with WilsonPro 1337 C-Band products, this splitter is compatible with frequencies from 600 to 4,000 MHz. This IP65 indoor and outdoor rated splitter supports C-Band, T-Mobile band 71, and is Pro 710i compatible. As a high-performance splitter, it features low insertion loss and low VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio). It is equipped with N-Female connectors. Replaces previous version of 4-way splitter (859981).

Note: for users requiring current or future C-Band support, C-Band antennas, splitters, and taps must be used.

-6 dB 4-Way Splitter 600-4,000 MHz (50 Ohm)
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