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-10 dB Tap 600-4,000 MHz (50 Ohm)

-10 dB Tap 600-4000 MHz (50 Ohm)


A wideband tap for use with WilsonPro cellular repeaters

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This wideband tap (859119) is used with WilsonPro cellular repeaters. It splits a signal unequally, allowing 2 antennas to have similar power with uneven cable runs. Allows the antenna which will be used closer to the repeater to receive the greater cable loss, reserving more signal power to be diverted to the antenna located farther from the repeater.

This tap is required in order to add C-Band antennas (311245, 311243, 311242) and repeaters to an existing system. Designed to be used with WilsonPro 1337 C-Band products, this tap is compatible with frequencies from 600 to 4,000 MHz. IP65 indoor and outdoor rated. Supports C-Band, T-Mobile band 71, and is Pro 710i compatible. High-performance tap with low insertion loss and low VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio). Features -10 dB tap port and -0.5 dB passthru port. N-Female connectors. Replaces previous version of -7dB tap (859907).

-10 dB Tap 600-4,000 MHz (50 Ohm)
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