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No More Dropped Calls

More than three quarters of all mobile calls are dialed from indoors. Naturally, that includes residents calling from their homes. And who hasn’t experienced the frustration of a dropped call or poor call quality, forcing you outside or closer to a window? More than ever, people rely on their cell phones for voice and data communications. But building materials, geographic features, and distance from a tower can all interrupt clear signals from reaching indoors, making connectivity that much more difficult.


Own a Better Mobile Experience

You own your home, so it’s up to you to solve your connectivity issues, right? With WilsonPro’s affordable solutions, you don’t have to live with a poor mobile experience.

Boosters offer a powerful way to improve mobile access on any carrier and throughout an entire home, even with high-quality, high-density building materials like concrete, marble, and energy-efficient coated glass.

WilsonPro brings home a better connection

WilsonPro brings home a better connection

WilsonPro cell signal boosters capture the available signal outside a residence, amplify it, and broadcast it inside. That means that both incoming and outgoing calls will be more clear and steady, eliminating static and lost connections.

With easy installation by trained and certified professionals, boosters let you experience better voice quality and flawless data transmissions without leaving the comfort of home.

Boosters for vehicles or for buildings less than 5000 sq ft, we recommend our weBoost brand of products.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“As one of Wilson Pro’s in-building system design experts, we help to make office dead zones a thing of the past. We look forward to helping your office cost-effectively address the lost productivity from dropped calls and poor call quality.”

Kevin Taylor

President of Powerful Signal


But don’t just take our word for it:

“We use Wilson because it works… bottom line. The systems work… period. They have a fantastic support team that we have forged strong relationships with. Also, they are innovators in their field. Also, Wilson offers us strong back-end support.”


President of Sybran Communications


But don’t just take our word for it:

“In the case of WilsonPro products, we now have a solution that allows our channel partners to bring cell phone signal boosters to the market. They can repeat cellular coverage indoors in anything from a small retail outlet, to a large warehouse or healthcare venue.”

Dan Cooper

VP of Mobility Business Unit of Global Convergence


But don’t just take our word for it:

“Our nationwide team of signal experts deploys hundreds of in-building coverage systems every year in buildings up to 500,000 sq ft, and the Wilson Pro line of products consistently get excellent feedback from both our clients and our engineers. If you’re looking to improve your cell coverage, WilsonPro’s line of products are the best for the job.”

Sina Khanifar


Dan Cooper

VP of Mobility


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