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Ensure Happy Attendees

The need for greater bandwidth has become a pressing issue in stadiums, convention centers, and other large venues — primarily due to massive amounts of attendees all attempting to use their mobile phones and devices. Without a clear signal, people are unable to make calls, send texts, or access important event information when they need it. This can encumber the experience or even pose security risks.

Improve the Guest Experience

A strong signal enhances the entire experience. Whether it’s an industry conference, sporting event, or musical performance, guests won’t need to worry about whether they can check scores or look up venue details.

With great reception, people can easily check email, make a call, coordinate meeting with friends at the event, or post to social media. What’s more, operational efficiency improves when mobile credit card devices and security equipment can access a strong network. Plus, a solid connection means better GPS navigation and faster emergency access in a crisis.

WilsonPro Keeps you in the Game

When hosting events and entertaining the masses, there’s no reason to gamble on whether or not you have the bandwidth to support them. Cell signal boosters can improve mobile access no matter the carrier, meaning attendees can get connected faster than a rock star’s costume change.

Simply put, better cell reception results in a better guest experience -- with additional benefits including operational efficiencies, lower costs, and dependable security.

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