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Trust a Secure Connection

You can’t be too careful when it comes to transmitting sensitive data. That’s especially true for banks and financial institutions, as well as their members and customers. Mobile technologies like online banking, mobile trading, and funds transfers offer convenient advantages, but involve their own set of security risks — especially if networks become overloaded, transactions are disrupted, or there is a breach in security.

Reliable, Secure Connections Benefit the Financial Industry

Commercial banks, as well as investment and brokerage firms, rely on secure networks when transferring money, and many experts argue that WiFi alone isn’t enough. Improving cellular reception with a cell signal booster ensures plenty of bandwidth for faster transactions, better quality voice and data on mobile devices, and greater security for network communications.

WilsonPro delivers a better banking experience

When dealing with financial operations, maintaining a high level of security is critical. WilsonPro cell signal boosters can amplify the cellular signal over a secure network, ensuring faster data connections, uninterrupted communications for all types of financial transactions, and added protection against crisis situations.

Improved speed and reliable security puts online banking customers at ease, ensuring a respectable brand reputation, and creating a better experience that is worth every penny.

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