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Outdoor Antennas

Antennas are a key component of any amplifier system. Donor antennas are installed on the roof or near a window and bring the outdoor signal in.
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4g-omni-building-antenna-75-ohm Image

Omni Building Antenna (75 Ohm)

SKU: 304421


Wide Band Directional Antenna (50 Ohm)

SKU: 314411

High Gain LPDA Antenna Image

High Gain LPDA Antenna

SKU: 311228


Omni Building Antenna (50 Ohm)

SKU: 304424


Omni Plus Building Antenna (50 Ohm)

SKU: 304422


Pole Mount Panel Antenna (50 Ohm)

SKU: 314453

Wilson Yagi Antenna (700-900 MHz)

SKU: 301111

Wideband Directional Antenna (50 Ohm) Image

Wideband Directional Antenna (50 Ohm) 617-2700 MHz

SKU: 311233

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Antennas

When is it best to install an omni outdoor antenna?

Omni antennas receive signal in a 360-degree pattern. They do not require locating a cell tower and aiming it at the signal source.

When is it best to install a wideband directional antenna?

Wideband directional antennas transmit and receive signal in a 110-degree pattern. Directional antennas can be aimed at or away from a carrier tower, depending on if the signal source is too weak or too strong. Directional antennas are ideal for use when carrier towers are in one general direction or when you want to hone in on one carrier’s tower​.

Can multiple outdoor antennas connect to a single amplifier?

Yes. Multiple outdoor donor antennas may be used with a single repeater. This situation typically occurs when the outside signal is weak from multiple carriers and the cell towers are in opposite directions. When using multiple directional antennas, it’s important to ensure that the signal paths do not cross.