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Lightning Surge Protectors

Prevent damage cable runs, repeaters, and antennas with lightning surge protectors. These devices ground the system to divert energy during lightning strikes, power surges, and other scenarios where the system may become overwhelmed.
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Lightning Surge Protector (75 Ohm)

SKU: 859992

A Lightning Surge Protector (50 Ohm) Image

Lightning Surge Protector (50 Ohm)

SKU: 859902

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightning Surge Protectors

When is it necessary to use lightning surge protectors in a cellular repeater system?

Lightning surge protectors discharge energy produced by lighting surges, which can damage the cellular repeater system. Use lightning surge protectors to better protect your repeater system investment.

How can installers choose the correct lightning surge protector for a repeater system?

Choose a lightning surge protector based on the type of coaxial cable used in the system, 50 ohm or 75 ohm.