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Splitters and Taps

Evenly divide or split strengthened cellular signal using our top-of-the-line splitters and taps.
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Splitter -6 dB 4 Way (50 Ohm)

SKU: 859981

A Tap -7 dB (N-Female) Image

Tap -7 dB (N-Female)

SKU: 859114


Splitter -3 dB 2 Way (50 Ohm)

SKU: 859957

A Tap -10 dB (N-Female) Image

Tap -10 dB (N-Female)

SKU: 859907


Splitter -4.8 dB 3 Way (50 Ohm)

SKU: 859980

Frequently Asked Questions About Splitters and Taps

When is it best to use splitters in a cellular repeater system install?

Repeater system installers use splitters to divide signal between multiple antennas. They make it possible to split the amplified signal with minimum signal loss. Splitters divide the signal equally between each port to provide an equal amount of signal to each run​. Use a conventional splitter when coving two areas that are similar in size.

When is it best to use taps in a cellular repeater system install?

Taps are also used to divide signal between antennas. Unlike a conventional splitter, a tap does not split the signal equally. Instead more signal is sent down one side than the other. Use a tap when covering two areas that are different in size. ​