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Other Accessories

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WilsonPro cell signal boosters open up a world of connectivity options, whether in the workplace, educational institution, healthcare facility, or even luxury home. However, professional amplifier installers also rely on functional parts and accessories for a successful end result. That’s why WilsonPro puts just as much effort into manufacturing dependable, top-of-the-line parts and accessories. These components can help installers survey the existing signal, augment or attenuate interfering or overbearing frequencies, and even adapt a system design when necessary. In short, WilsonPro is committed to providing the best products on the market so our customers have the best results.

50 to 75 Ohm Converter with N-Female and F-Female

SKU: 859955

50 to 75 Ohm Converter with N-Female Connector on 50 Ohm Side and F-Female Connector on 75 Ohm Side

5V AC/DC Building Power Supply

SKU: 859969

120V AC to 5V DC 2.5A, Mini USB Jack, works with the Signal 3G.

AC/DC 12V/3A Power Supply

SKU: 859900

120V AC to 12V DC/3A Power Supply. Works with: Pro 70 Plus Select, Pro 70 50 Ohm, Pro 70 75 Ohm, Pro 70 Plus 50 Ohm, and Pro 70 Plus 75 Ohm.

Cable Prep/ Strip Tool | 992203

SKU: 992203

The Cable Prep/ Strip Tool for all Crimp or Clamp Connectors is made for Wilson400 and Wilson400 Plenum Cables.

Compression Tool for RG11 Cable | 992201

SKU: 992201

Wilson Compression Tool for RG-11 Cable.

Crimp Tool, N Type Coax Connectors| 992204

SKU: 992204

Crimping tool with Hex Die for Wilson-400, LMR-400, WIlson-400, and LMR-400 Plenum Cables.

Dual Band Diplexer/Combiner

SKU: 859922

Dual Band Diplexer/Combiner (50 Ohm, 600-900 MHz/1630-2300 MHz Bands)

Wilson RG-11 Cable Prep Stripper Tool | 992202

SKU: 992202

Wilson RG-11 Cable Prep Stripper Tool.

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