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Cellular Repeater Solutions for IoT and M2M Devices

Compact and powerful cellular repeaters engineered for the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M devices, ensure smart devices are always connected.
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Direct Connect

Strengthen signal on any 5G-enabled device.

cellular repeaters for IoT devices - WilsonPro

Pro IoT 5-Band

The IoT 5-Band cellular repeater’s power and compact design make it a reliable direct connect solution for IoT devices operating with cellular modems. It’s ideal for custom-designed IoT communication systems built within tightly constrained spaces.

Equipped with XDR technology
Up to 15 dB max gain
Ships ready to deploy
cellular repeaters for IoT devices - WilsonPro

Pro IoT 2-Band

Connect directly to cellular modems to ensure strong, reliable coverage for IoT devices operating on Bands 5 and 25/2. The IoT 2-Band is ideal for custom-designed smart communications systems with limited physical space.

Strengthens Bands 5 and 25/2
Up to 15 dB max gain
Ships ready to deploy

Frequently Asked Questions About IoT & M2M Devices

Why do my smart devices have weak connectivity?

Today, even the strongest signals may have difficulty penetrating concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass, and metal used to construct modern energy-efficient high-rises, offices, and other large buildings.

How can a cellular repeater improve the connectivity of my IoT/M2M devices?

A cellular repeater amplifies existing cell signals, improving the connectivity and performance of IoT/M2M devices. By capturing and boosting a weak cellular signal, it ensures reliable and consistent data transmission, and solves connectivity issues like dropped connections and slow data speeds.

What types of IoT/M2M devices are compatible with cell signal boosters?

Cell signal boosters are generally compatible with a wide range of IoT/M2M devices that operate on cellular networks. This includes devices like sensors, security cameras, smart appliances, and industrial equipment.

Can a cell signal booster support multiple IoT/M2M devices simultaneously?

Yes, a cellular repeater can support multiple IoT/M2M devices simultaneously. It amplifies the existing cell signal, making it available to any devices within its coverage area.

How can cellular repeaters support the growth of IoT/M2M infrastructures?

Cell phone repeaters are scalable solutions that can adapt to the growth of IoT/M2M infrastructures. As the number of connected devices increases, a cellular repeater can enhance signal strength to accommodate the additional data traffic. This ensures consistent performance and connectivity, even as your IoT/M2M infrastructure expands.

How do IoT/M2M cell signal boosters handle network congestion?

IoT/M2M cell signal boosters handle network congestion by amplifying the available cell signal, improving the signal strength and quality for each IoT device. This can help to mitigate the effects of network congestion, ensuring reliable connectivity even in high-traffic situations.

How do customized 5G signal repeaters work?

Cellular signal repeaters, sometimes called boosters or amplifiers, detect any existing signal outside the building, then brings that signal inside, amplify it, and broadcast the strengthened signal to all nearby devices. WilsonPro’s enterprise and commercial cellular repeaters are designed to adapt to any IoT or M2M devices where increased cellular connectivity is needed.

Why choose WilsonPro Cellular Repeaters for IoT/M2M Devices?

WilsonPro uses the latest in cellular signal amplification technology to enhance 5G coverage on every frequency. Our trusted, high-quality products are used in a range of industries by brands like Facebook, CHOC Children’s Hospital, Whole Foods, Hyatt Place, and more. With more than 250 patents, including multi-tower targeting, time division duplex, and extended dynamic range technologies, our repeaters amplify every frequency for every device at all times. WilsonPro Cloud makes it easy to offer managed services with the ability to monitor and manage signal from any location. Every WilsonPro product is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. All of our products are designed, assembled, tested, and shipped from a US facility.

What Can WilsonPro IoT Cellular Repeater Solutions Do For You?

To learn more about WilsonPro’s unique IoT and M2M repeater solutions and managed services, please provide us with some information and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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