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In Building Cellular Repeaters

Experience seamless communication and improved coverage within large buildings. Our advanced in-building cellular repeaters amplify weak signals, ensuring reliable connectivity for anyone in the building—wherever and whenever they need it.
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Managed Services

Built-in, automated, and accessible from anywhere.

in-building cellular repeater - Enterprise 4330


Enterprise 4330

The Enterprise 4330 provides unmatched versatility and performance to optimize cellular coverage in challenging Enterprise environments. It’s the first BDA solution to combine wideband advantages and bandwidth with the flexibility to channelize.

For large businesses or campuses up to 100k sq ft
An ideal solution to the near-far signal mitigation challenge
Configures for wideband, single or multiple, contiguous channels in a single unit
Optimizes signal strength and quality in any environment, on every carrier network
Aggregates carriers across bands for very high data rates and enhanced 5G capability
Maximizes performance and gains without wasteful power consumption
Remotely configure with WilsonPro Cloud
in-building cellular repeater - Enterprise 4300


Enterprise 4300

The Enterprise 4300 provides wideband cellular optimization for large buildings and campuses.

For large businesses or campuses up to 75k sq ft
Amplifies low band 5G on every carrier network
Scalable and customizable
Targets multiple towers with 3 donor ports
Efficiently broadcasts signal across buildings or in challenging areas
Available as a wall or rack mount
Remotely manage with WilsonPro Cloud
in-building cellular repeater - Enterprise 1300


Enterprise 1300

The Enterprise 1300 in-building cellular repeater is for smaller buildings with a single server antenna that broadcasts amplified cellular coverage on all carrier networks.

Remotely manage the system with WilsonPro Cloud
Amplify low-band 5G on every carrier network
Scalable and customizable to fit any building
Target multiple carriers’ towers with 3 donor ports
Optimize signal with built-in network scanning
Available as a rack or wall mount
in-building cellular repeater - Enterprise 1337R

Enterprise 1337R

The Enterprise 1337R signal booster optimizes mid-band 5G (3.7 - 3.8 GHz) in any building.

Sync with network time-division duplexing
Use dual amplification paths (MiMo) or split mode
Remotely manage the system with WilsonPro Cloud
Scalable and customizable to fit any building
Optimize signal with network scanning
Compatible with existing WilsonPro solution
No additional backhaul required
Available as a rack mount
in-building cellular repeater - Pro 140i

Pro 140i

The Pro 140i cell phone repeater amplifies band 14 for FirstNet.

Accelerates crisis communication and situational awareness for first responders, enhancing your on-site safety plan
Covers up to 100k sq. ft. when deployed in a repeater system an up to 500k sq. ft. when deployed as part of a hybrid DAS
Supports 4G/LTE/5G-NR, on smartphones, HPUE, and other mobile devices
Reduces interference with digital filtering when network traffic surges in a crisis
in-building cellular repeater - Pro 710i

Pro 710i

The Pro 710i is engineered to amplify Band 71 in any building with up to 100,000 sq. ft. of coverage.

Scalable and customizable to fit any building
Compatible with existing WilsonPro solution
No additional backhaul required
Available as a wall mount

Zinwave 8000 Series


Uniwave from Zinwave is our new innovative, streamlined DAS platform developed to meet in-building cellular and public safety connectivity needs. It supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G as well as Public Safety and other private radio networks. Available in 3 configurations, SISO, MIMO and 4×4 MIMO.

Uniwave by Zinwave is DAS solution that is simple—that’s part of its appeal. Get improved in-building cellular and public safety connectivity with a system comprised of just five total components: primary hub, secondary hub, optical module, service module and a remote unit. The Uniwave Remote Unit serves all frequencies from 150MHz to 5GHz. It’s simplicity like this that makes the design and installation both easy and flexible, resembling how WiFi infrastructure is installed.

building cell phone repeater - Zinwave Uniwave - WilsonPro

Zinwave 5000 Series


Unitivity 5000 from Zinwave has been leading the way in DAS for over 10 years, it has been the unique technology behind Zinwave’s success.

The 5000 Series remote unit covers the most frequently used bands (150Mhz to 2.7GHz) as a standard component for use globally. The mid-band remote unit has been discontinued and replaced with the 8000 remote unit.

It is comprised of two remote units: the Low Band Remote (150MHz to 2.7GHz) & Mid Band Remote (3.3GHZ to 4.2GHz), covering all of the mobile frequencies used globally.

The Unitivity 5000 delivers up to 80% space savings and 17% energy efficiency, a built-in power supply for fewer parts, and a universal mounting bracket for easier installation.

The new Uniwave product combines the frequency capabilities of both the Low and Mid Band remotes into one Ultra Wideband Remote—delivering a higher RF output power making coverage and dominance easier to achieve.

building cell phone repeater - Zinwave Unitivity 5000

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Building Signal Repeaters

Why do I have poor cellular signal in my building?

Today, even the strongest signals have trouble finding their way through concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass, and metal used to construct modern energy-efficient high-rises, offices, and other large buildings. WilsonPro cellular signal repeaters detect any available signal outside the building, then bring it inside and amplify it for more reliable coverage wherever and whenever anyone in the building needs it.

Is there a way to boost cell signal in a building?

To boost cell phone signal within a building, an in-building cellular repeater is the simplest and most effective solution.

What is an indoor repeater?

An indoor repeater, also known as an in-building cellular repeater, is a device designed to amplify and enhance cellular signals. It acts as a relay station, capturing the existing outdoor signal and boosting it to provide improved coverage and signal strength throughout the building.

Who can benefit from an enterprise cell phone repeater?

Enterprise businesses, large organizations, government departments, franchises, factories, and any group that regularly experiences poor call quality in a large building should consider a customizable 5G cellular signal repeater solution.

How do customized 5G signal repeaters work?

Cellular signal repeaters, sometimes called boosters or amplifiers, detect any existing signal outside the building, then brings that signal inside, amplify it, and broadcasts the strengthened signal to all nearby devices. WilsonPro’s enterprise and commercial solutions are designed to adapt to any building and any environment for optimal signal in any industry.

Is a cellular repeater better than an extender?

A cellular repeater and extender are two different solutions. A cellular repeater amplifies and boosts existing cellular signals, improving coverage within a specific area, while an extender uses a wired internet connection to create a new cellular network. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and circumstances of the user.

Why choose WilsonPro?

WilsonPro uses the latest in cellular signal amplification technology to enhance 5G coverage on every frequency. Our trusted, high-quality products are used in a range of industries by brands like Facebook, CHOC Children’s Hospital, Whole Foods, Hyatt Place, and more. With more than 250 patents, including multi-tower targeting, time division duplex, and extended dynamic range technologies, our repeaters amplify every frequency for every device at all times. WilsonPro Cloud makes it easy to offer managed services with the ability to monitor and manage signal from any location. Every WilsonPro product is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. All of our products are designed, assembled, tested, and shipped from a US facility.

What Can WilsonPro In Building Cellular Repeaters Do For You?

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