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JSX, a semi-private air carrier based in Dallas, TX, offers a more comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional commercial air travel without the high cost of booking a private flight. The JSX fleet of 33+ jets services more than 19 destinations across the U.S. 

The Challenge 

The company’s new airport headquarters at Dallas Love Field has a metal construction that interferes with commercial cellular coverage. While this impacts the signals of all mobile network operators, the off-air source signal for each carrier varies.  

As the date for the opening of the facility drew closer, it became apparent that without a quick resolution, employees and visitors would need to exit the building in order to take a call or work on their mobile phones. Additionally, JSX was planning to expand to a hangar on the other side of the airport and would require a solution that could serve both locations. 

Use Cases

  • Communication for team and crew members on the go 
  • Access to mobile apps (flight management, crew scheduling, airport ops)  
  • Backup and risk mitigation for continuity of operations 


WilsonPro Hybrid DAS 
Key Components: WilsonPro 4300 Repeater, Zinwave 5000 Series 

JSX settled on WilsonPro Hybrid DAS. This solution receives, amplifies, and redistributes existing, off-air cellular signal from commercial carriers to bring reliable connectivity indoors. An exterior antenna captures the radio signal, which is then amplified by a bi-directional antenna (BDA) and fed into a primary hub, which distributes an optical signal via fiber to secondary hubs and remote radio units.  

The system’s scalability, competitive price, and the ability to have the system up and running quickly with little disruption were key factors in the decision. Installation was done in less than 10 days. With a little troubleshooting, the results were clear—the company went from spotty and unreliable cellular connectivity to excellent coverage for all mobile carriers. JSX now has a future-ready cellular network that can be expanded to the new hangar, leveraging their existing fiber connection to amplify coverage in the additional space. 

“For us, this is a goldilocks solution,” says Amir Bahadron, Sr. Director of IT, JSX. “It’s ‘just right’ for our budget and an excellent value. We get a solution to today’s problems, the flexibility to meet other near-term needs, and a contingency for when things don’t go as planned.” 

“Before, it was like we were working in a metal cage. People complained about having to go outside to take calls.” 

“For us in this industry, connectivity is as important as electricity or plumbing. It’s not an option to do without. With WilsonPro, we have a sensible solution scaled to suit the size and construction of our building and the needs of our company.” 


By implementing the WilsonPro Hybrid DAS system, JSX achieved a rapid and cost-effective resolution to their connectivity issues. The results were transformative, offering reliable coverage for all mobile carriers and ensuring that employees and visitors no longer had to step outside for calls or mobile work. 

This case exemplifies how innovative technology solutions can play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience for growing air carriers like JSX. 

To learn more about the right solution for your location, please reach out to your current WilsonPro advisor or contact us for a consultation. 

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