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What is AGC or Automatic Gain Control and why should you care if your cellular amplifier has it? Automatic Gain Control is crucial in keeping your cellular amplifier performing at its best. AGC adjusts the gain output so you can handle a strong incoming signal and provide maximum coverage area within the building. It also continually adjusts the signal output to keep your booster working at peak performance. In strong signal environments, the booster will reduce its gain for each frequency spectrum individually as to not overload or shut down, thus giving you great coverage area inside. 

Without AGC if one frequency has an overpowering signal, it will overload the booster and provide no coverage inside for any carrier, even though the other carriers have an acceptable incoming signal level. AGC saves you time and hassle by adjusting itself as the cellular signal fluctuates. All WilsonPro amplifiers have AGC. Check out our video below to learn more!

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