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As a cellular repeater system integrator, you need to know how to provide customers with the best possible service. That means learning the best techniques, technologies, and the latest trends when it comes to installing in-building cellular solutions.

WilsonPro specializes in passive distributed antenna systems, or passive DAS. We equip integrators with the expertise to provide the right solution in the most effective way to their end users. Recognizing a need for training, WilsonPro began offering training in 2017.

The training offers support for any trades that will have an opportunity to go into a home, business, or other facility and improve the cell signal in that location. The training sessions typically host 20 people at a time, including those involved with audio/visual operations, communications, and electrical.

On-site training through WilsonPro’s Certified Installer program gives attendees access to the industry’s top-selling line of cellular repeaters. Custom integrators get the personal attention and expertise needed to support installation and serve customers.

These sessions occur over two days and cover custom design support, industry-leading warranties, training and certification, collaboration, and more.

At the Epicenter of Telecom

Richardson, Texas, less than 15 miles from Dallas, seemed a natural place to set up shop for the live trainings. Reffered to as the telecommunications capital of the US, there are regional headquarters for AT&T, Verizon, Metro PCS, and Sprint here as well as a major hardware facility for Ericsson.

Currently, WilsonPro offers bi-monthly trainings at the facility. Taylor says the average group size in the sessions can range anywhere from five to 17 people. The cost of the training at $250, and includes hands-on training experiences.

In addition to offering training on the skills mentioned above, sessions also focus on troubleshooting so that attendees can get some experience with real problems they are likely to encounter once they’re out in the field handling these installations.

Putting Experienced Techs Out in the Field

Wilson University training is beneficial because it’s building up the number of knowledgeable technicians in the industry who understand the installation and management of passive DAS repeater systems. For those that want to be WilsonPro-certified installation partners, the training is a requirement.

By putting more trained integrators in the field, WilsonPro has more quality control to better serve its customers that seek in-building cellular solutions, no matter what field they’re in or what they need.  

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a certified WilsonPro integrator and attending this live two-day training, we’d love to see you in Dallas at an upcoming session.

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