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Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutesDymon Storage in Greenback, Ottawa has a proud history of Canadian ownership and customer satisfaction that dates back to 1995 when it first opened its doors as a property management company. At that time, Dymon also offered commercial building development and high-end retirement residences. In 2006, it launched the Dymon Storage brand with a mission of pushing the envelope of the storage industry for both residential and commercial customers. There are multiple locations but the Greenback storage facility is 110,000 square feet and four floors.Dymon also offers more than just storage and moving services. Customers can also find solutions to meet a host of other needs, including shredding services, custom closet solutions, home organization products, mailboxes, safety deposit boxes, boardroom and private office spaces, document storage, and records management.

The Challenge

With its massive size and abundance of cellular-signal killing building materials, Dymon was looking for a solution to address dropped calls and dead zones, as well as slow download speeds and other connectivity issues hampering daily operations.The company was receiving an increasing number of complaints from residential and commercial customers that were unable to access cell signal. The company needed to provide reliable and consistent indoor cellular connectivity for both voice and data throughout the entire facility, which is accessible 24 hours a day.
The main culprits were Dymon’s reinforced concrete floors, and row after row of aluminum storage locker doors, which were not only blocking signal indoors, but hampering outdoor signal around the facility as well.Besides causing problems for customers, the lack of signal was also impacting business office and retail operations at Dymon. Commercial business clients expected robust connectivity for consistent, reliable access to and management of critical records and valuable stored items.Internally, colleagues couldn’t communicate efficiently and often couldn’t access data and records to satisfy customer requests. Dymon’s retail storefront, which sells home storage systems and supplies, was also seeing the negative effects of poor signal to underpin sales operations.

The Solution

Dymon began researching how to improve cellular signal, with the requirements that the new system would be carrier agnostic, support all signals, provide coverage of all space inside, secure, reliable connection and certified/compliant with regulations and competitively priced.They initially investigated putting in place a Wi-Fi firewall that would enable the company to secure its data transactions and improve call quality across its Wi-Fi network. It also considered solutions to improve its broadband connection.But the company quickly discovered that Wi-Fi did not provide the level of service and security the company needed, and that updating the broadband network was extremely cost prohibitive. They didn’t want customers and employees to have the hassle of logins and credentials to use the Wi-Fi.Further research ultimately led Dymon to cellular signal amplifiers and local WilsonPro implementation partner Accara IT Services. Dymon consultant Brent Luckman was able to propose strategic and efficient solutions to effectively address Dymon’s most pressing connectivity needs — without breaking the bank.In January 2019, the Accara installation team – lead by by Principal Owner – Brian Fleming installed a WilsonPro Repeater System with 16 indoor antennas across the Dymon facility. The system is a rack-mounted, multi-amplifier cell signal booster that incorporates four separate signal amplifiers feeding multiple indoor antennas. It also has XDR technology that regulates incoming signal levels to ensure consistent signal.The system was a good solution for Dymon because it uses bidirectional amplifiers to detect and collect even very faint cell signals and amplify those to a useable level. Amplifiers broadcast the boosted signal across the entire facility, allowing them to be picked up by phones and other cellular devices.

The Results

Dymon says the improvement in cellular signal in and around the facility was immediate and impressive. Customer complaints have stopped, and the business has become more efficient with a consistent two to three bars on phones for both data and voice for all Canadian carriers like Rogers, Telus and Bell.The WilsonPro Repeater System was able to address all the requirements that Dymon set out to find to boost their indoor cell coverage since these amplifiers boost all carriers, automatically adjust to outside signal changes, provide strong, secure cell coverage, and boost all networks.Customers and employees now have the strong and reliable signal they expect. Contact us to learn how we can help solve your connectivity issues in your building.
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