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The Problem 

Home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera, Harpa Hall is a stunning example of modern architecture in central Reykjavik. The facility hosts hundreds of concerts, conferences and other events per year and has received more than five million visitors. 

Project Details 

Harpa’s government owners sought to ensure commercial in-building wireless service while also providing thorough TETRA coverage for emergency services. Harpa’s integrator partner, IAV, chose the WilsonPro Zinwave 5000 in-building wireless solution to meet these needs. 

In the short term, the 5000’s true wideband design and all-fiber infrastructure meant it could easily accommodate all bands, services and network operators, and made it the most time-and cost-effective installation. 

In the long term, Harpa wanted to be able to add undetermined services after the initial installation. WilsonPro was the obvious choice as additional carriers and bands can be added to the existing infrastructure without significant cost or disruption. 


28,000 m² 
Main hall capacity: 1,800 seats 
3 smaller halls with total capacity of 1,400 seats 


1 primary hub, 3 secondary hubs, and 5 remote units 
165 remote units 


GSM 1800 
Two commercial operators, Vodafone and Síminn 

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