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The Problem 

In the constantly evolving healthcare sector, where rapid developments in medical technology and practice make it difficult to predict the future, architects designed Martini Hospital with total flexibility in mind. The hospital is a versatile, state-of-the-art healthcare facility built in modular blocks. 

Project Details 

The need for flexibility was a major consideration for the hospital when assessing its in-building wireless needs. Martini Hospital had to ensure public safety coverage and also wished to accommodate an undetermined mix of current and future cellular services. 

As the only truly wideband in-building wireless solution on the market, WilsonPro had the obvious solution for Martini’s in-building coverage needs. Our Zinwave Active DAS supports more services, both cellular and public safety, than any other solution and easily accommodates future technology changes, so the hospital could start with any combination and expand from there without making any costly upgrades. 

With its all-fiber design, WilsonPro’s Zinwave Active DAS uses standard IT cabling that speeds installation and minimizes disruption. This was important to Martini as the large, complex development project comprised both a new hospital and renovation of an existing building. Finally, with its superior reliability, the Zinwave system will continue to meet user needs for many years to come. 


New building: 580 beds, 96,000 m² 
Renovated building: six stories, 38,000 m² 
22 meeting rooms 


16 hubs 
121 remote units 


C2000 TETRA 
Clarity Private GSM 1800 

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