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It is a good idea to weatherproof any cable connections that are located outside to keep any water from getting into the cable and causing any issues. Weatherproofing the cable is easy to do and is inexpensive.

What you’ll need:

  • A roll of moisture sealing tape
  • A roll of electrical tape

How to do it:

  • To start, make sure your cable connections are tightly secured together.
  • Cut a strip of moisture sealing tape long enough to cover the connection, normally about 12” to do the job.
  • Remove the backing and being wrapping the tape starting from about one inch below the connection.
  • When wrapping the tape, make sure to stretch the tape and overlap the layers by about half of the width of the tape.
  • Continue wrapping until about one inch below the other connection and press tightly to make sure everything is sealed.
  • Repeat the above process using electrical tape until all the sealing tape is covered.

Weather proofing your cable connections will keep your cable waterproof and UV proof connection for your cell phone signal amplifier system and will keep your booster performing at peak condition. To see how this is done and to learn more check out this week’s pro tips video below.



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