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TFH Publications is a specialty publishing company based in Neptune City, New Jersey. They are the premier publishing company of books about pet care and one of the first of such companies to use color printing in their books. TFH is hardly new to their craft: they’ve been in business for over 50 years, and with over 250 employees, internal communication is no easy feat.

Unfortunately, due to previously poor cellular signal in TFH’s office facility, both internal and external communication had been especially challenging. To make matters worse, the spottiest cell service was in the sales office, making customer communications nearly impossible. TFH leadership needed to develop a long-term solution to shield the company from the potential business impacts of bad cellular connectivity.

Evaluating the Problem

Before committing to a solution, TFH executives hired an outside consultant to evaluate the signal of the site. As anticipated, the worst service in the building was within the sales office. In addition, they found that the areas near the elevator also had almost non-existent service.

To combat these issues, the contractor recommended the implementation of two WilsonPro repeaters to be installed in the two service problem areas onsite. The first was installed in the elevator shaft, accompanied by the installation of a repeater in the penthouse.

Contractors also installed a WilsonPro repeater inside the sales office. It was important for TFH’s business that this system provide agnostic service –– in other words, that representatives could reach their clients regardless of their personal cell phone carrier –– in order to provide the best service experience possible. By design, all of WilsonPro’s products are carrier agnostic, which provide service to customers with any carrier type.

The Results

Signal service inside the elevator went from virtually nonexistent to 3 full bars, eliminating dropped calls in that area. Service issues in the sales office were completely eliminated, allowing TFH to catapult beyond their business goals and secure their place as the premier pet care publishing company.

If your company has cellular service issues and you’re looking for ways to improve business, there’s no better solution than WilsonPro. Our Repeater System solutions can help improve existing service by up to 32 times, and are installed in an effective, non-invasive manner.

Our Hybrid DAS solutions are designed to provide agility at scale in large facilities from 75K to 500K sq. ft. and ensure superior cellular reception from any carrier, up to 5G—combining the advantages of fiber distribution with consistent RF power.

Our Zinwave Active DAS systems are designed for very large facilities of more than 500K sq. ft. and are ideal for locations where reliable communication and advanced connectivity are critical for safety, security, and digital transformation. These solutions deliver the highest quality signal and a superior mobile experience to hospitals, airports, government buildings, college campuses, and other public venues.

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