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Treat your guests to a more pleasant experience with fast, effective cellular reception.

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Serve up a Better Mobile Experience

Travel apps and booking websites make it easier than ever to find a great deal. But finding a hotel with great cellular coverage can feel almost impossible. Without working cellular reception, guests have trouble making calls, booking travel, confirming reservations, and staying connected to loved ones at home.

For many, there’s nothing worse than being in a new place without the ability to send a text or access a GPS map in real time.

Constant Coverage is the Best Amenity

Whether guests are seeking a relaxing vacation away from it all or embarking on an important business trip, their comfort is your goal — and reliable cellular reception has become a vital amenity.

Give guests the ability to make a call from their hotel room, map their location, or send a text to their boss overseas without thinking twice. Boosting reception also increases operational efficiency, making check-out procedures and payments a breeze.

WilsonPro gives you an advantage

When it comes to hosting travelers, serving restaurant patrons, or entertaining guests, hospitality knows no bounds. Society has fully embraced mobile technology, and it’s critical that your hotel, restaurant, or resort leverage mobile connectivity as part of a great guest experience.

Mobile connectivity gives you an advantage with better coverage for all carriers, enhanced call quality, and faster data transfers that make people feel right at home.

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