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Construction was completed on the Jersey City Urby Building (JCUB), an eco-friendly, luxury residential tower in Jersey City, New Jersey. Made up of 72 floors of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, the building offers floor-to-ceiling windows, sweeping city views, and is loaded with high-tech amenities for its residents.

Given its geographical proximity to New York City, where outrageous rental rates still dominate the market, the complex was built with young, telecommuting millennials in mind.

The Problem

30b65a_c7efc47a13ec467bb0ea88914d541469_mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2The building is extremely energy efficient; green building materials and construction methods earned it its LEED-certification. Unfortunately, due to the tendency for eco-friendly materials to block cellular signal, the greenest buildings often have the worst reception. Unsurprisingly, shortly after opening, management received a slew of complaints from residents that they weren’t able to get cell service in both private spaces and common areas.

Since many of these residents work from home, reliable cellular signal is an absolute necessity at the JCUB. By the time tenants began threatening to break their leases if the issue wasn’t resolved, management was already in talks with cellular repeater integration firm Illuminati Labs to find a long-term solution.

The Solution

Illuminati Labs is a completely full-service cellular signal repeater integration firm that handles the integration process from consultation, design, implementation, and post-installation maintenance. Urby initially approached Illuminati to install signal repeaters in the top 16 of the 72 floors of the building.

After several weeks of design work, Illuminati proposed installing four WilsonPro cellular repeater systems on each floor in strategic locations that would evenly distribute reception. Many WilsonPro repeaters are carrier-agnostic, which makes them the ideal choice in a residential building where tenants subscribe to a variety of service providers.

Because WilsonPro repeaters use a passive distributed antenna system (passive DAS), which amplifies existing cellular signal, the process was minimally invasive, allowing residents to go about their lives without the intrusion of a messy installation.

The Results

Within a week of the installation, cell reception results were so good that executives asked Illuminati to fulfill the initially discussed work of installing cellular repeaters throughout the entire building.

A month later, Illuminati had installed 18 WilsonPro repeaters and over 300 interior antennas throughout the JCUB to rave results, and resident complaints about the quality of service ceased completely. Illuminati was even able to improve cellular signal in the isolated basement trash area.

Now, Illuminati Labs has been asked to handle signal repeater installation in two additional buildings. This will allow the JCUB to continue to guarantee excellent cell reception to their telecommuting prospective residents.

If your residential complex is plagued by spotty cellular reception, consider the benefits of installing WilsonPro repeaters throughout your facility. Our in-building repeater systems can be installed in a timely fashion that won’t inconvenience your tenants. In a rapidly evolving workforce that includes increasing reliance on personal mobile technology, reliable reception is key to your bottom line.

Check out this article from the New York Times where we were featured for helping tenants in the Urby Building connect. 

Download the full length PDF Urby Building case study HERE