Posted on February 9, 2016

Do cell phone signal boosters really work? How?

Jamie Elgie

Chief Marketing Officer

Cell Phone Signal Boosters Really WorkEstimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

In an age of electronic hyperconnectivity, we’ve all become increasingly reliant on a steady and constant stream of data to our digital devices – a lifeline to our friends, our families and our work.

But as many of us remember from the pre-4G LTE era, getting a consistent cell phone signal was never a guaranteed situation, in virtually any location. We’ve all experienced that digital anxiety when a carrier’s signal suddenly disappears while using a smartphone or a tablet in a brick building, an older home or in an underground meeting complex. In fact, a recent article in Building Review Journal cites that over 80% of all data traffic originates or terminates inside a building.And with so many employees (and employers) setting aside traditional landline systems and relying on smartphones as their main tools for communication, the ability to maintain a five-bar signal for speedy, secure data and clear voice calls has never been more critical.

This is especially true in an office setting, where the physical mechanics of building structure – signal-blocking concrete or cinderblock walls, or a high-rise location too far from street-level cell phone towers – conspire to dissipate cell phone service to a bare minimum.

To combat the plague of low-signal environments, and the frustration felt when digital devices, which are critical for commerce, simply don’t work because of weak cell signals, inventive solutions have started to develop.

An electronic fix for no-signal zones

Cell phone booster systems now exist with scalable solutions suited for settings ranging from private homes to large worksites. Commercial buildings, including hospital campuses and hotel complexes, can be transformed by the use of patented digital technology that captures and amplifies existing environmental signals from all of the major carriers.

In a business setting, the cell phone signal booster system uses its own antenna to bring in cell phone signals from nearby towers. Those signals are then electronically boosted and redistributed throughout the worksite by a system of smaller antennas, with signal power increased by as much as 32 times over the existing incoming signal.

Clear outgoing calls and enhanced data speed

Employees can enjoy full-bar service on their devices at any location in the building, including their workspaces, break rooms or conference areas. And best of all, the system also works in reverse, with in-office antennas picking up and boosting user signals to send back to nearby carrier towers. Uplink capabilities are vastly enhanced, allowing better connections for a larger number of users, even when towers are a considerable distance from your workplace.

The results include full preservation of even fast LTE data streaming, an end to clipped or dropped calls and the peace of mind of uninterrupted data and voice access throughout an entire boosted worksite. Voice quality will vastly improve, data upload and download times will skyrocket – and users will no longer have to leave their desks to find “that one spot in the office” where their phones work.

No disruption to your wireless network

WilsonPro’s signal-boosting technology works to equally enhance the services of all the major carriers operating in your area, and is a completely self-contained system. Unlike other manufacturers, WilsonPro’s cell phone signal boosters will not piggyback or interfere with your existing wireless internet network.

With less power expended searching for signals, your employees will also find that their devices’ batteries will last longer, with as much as two additional hours of talk time.

Cell phone signal boosting systems really do work, and their ability to guarantee full digital access for all users throughout a large workspace can indeed transform an office dynamic, enhancing productivity and safety in the process.

If you’d like to find out more WilsonPro’s solutions to enhance the cell phone signals at your worksite, and other signal solution options, download our Buyer's Guide.