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In the early 21st century, modern working professionals and consumers have grown more reliant on a steady stream of data. Their phones evolved beyond being devices for vocal communication into being miniaturized personal computers.

Smartphones offer a way to work efficiently and catch up on business correspondence on the go. They provide access to thousands of business applications—all designed to make everyday work-related tasks easier.

businessman using a cell phone in a commercial building-minWith the rising importance of the phone comes a corresponding rise in the importance of a strong and high-quality cell phone signal. This is particularly crucial for businesses, given that modern economy has moved online.

Nearly four-fifths of that data traffic originates inside buildings. Glass and steel office buildings and dense urban environments all contribute to destructive interference with cell phone signal. With many teams and their members having set aside the traditional landline to take up mobile communication as their primary outlet, signal interruption can be a major challenge to businesses of all sizes.

In other words, it’s more important than ever for the modern business to maintain speedy, secure data connections and clear voice calls on their mobile devices. The good news is that cell phone signal boosters can work to address weak or low-quality signals. The trick is finding the right solution for your team.

How Signal Boosters Can Help

A cell signal booster is patented digital technology that works by capturing and amplifying the signal sent to a mobile device by a nearby tower. Generally it brings together three basic elements:

  • A donor antenna installed outside a structure, such as an office building or commercial property.
  • An indoor antenna (or network of indoor antennas) that distributes that signal to the cell phones of everyone in the building.
  • An amplifier that boosts the signal coming to cell phones.

cell phone signal booster antenna-minSignal boosters bring these components together in order to improve signal strength (called RSRP) and signal quality (called SINR), and to provide added gain and downlink power. Gain is a measure of how much your signal is being amplified, while downlink power is a measure of how much signal your amplifier can retransmit inside your building or vehicle.

If the external phone signal is weak, gain becomes your most important consideration, since the best signal booster in this situation is the one that can make the most of a weak incoming signal. If your building’s structure needs to be compensated for by distributing the signal through indoor antennas, downlink power becomes an important consideration.

Boosters exist as scalable solutions for small and large worksites alike as well as vehicle fleets. They can be used in large housing complexes, commercial buildings, hospital campuses, and hotels. It’s possible for some cell phone booster systems to amplify a signal up to 32 times the original signal’s power.

Different signal boosters have different strengths. It’s essential to consult with professionals to determine the best solution for your situation. At WilsonPro, we can help you with that initial consultation.

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Benefits That Cell Phone Signal Boosters Provide

In addition to dropped calls, there are plenty of further benefits to having signal booster support for your team. Signal boosters can help with:

  • Emergency preparedness. Reliable communication is essential when your team needs to connect with each other to address emergency needs, and it also keeps you connected to emergency services in your area, which can be crucial if the unexpected happens.
  • Reliable customer connections. Being online and reachable by customers in a consistent fashion is one of the top priorities of a digital business environment. Cell signal boosters help your mobile architecture to hit that mark consistently.
  • High-fidelity streaming of fast data. The ability to conduct video conferences and interviews without lag is particularly important in the face of large-scale disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic. Reliable and fast data streaming makes the quality of such meetings vastly superior, and it makes it far easier to upload and download the shared data your team relies on.
  • More efficient power usage. Mobile devices scanning fruitlessly for weak or interrupted signals can often deplete their batteries much more quickly than normal, leaving devices out of commission and in charging mode when they’re needed most. The power savings can be significant, amounting to up to two extra hours of talk time.

With the reliability that cell phone signal boosters provide, a business is equipped to fully live up to the ambitions for agility and responsiveness that drive the modern workplace.

Making the Right Choice for Your Cell Phone Signal Booster

There are a wide range of cell signal boosters on the market — all touting their own particular features and approaches. Some signal boosters provide a very high rate of gain, but at the notable price of only being functional with one mobile carrier: these are called single-carrier boosters.

At WilsonPro, we prefer to avoid that kind of trade-off and recommend a more flexible approach. Our signal boosters work with multiple carriers — providing flexibility and support no matter what service provider you’re with and staying reliable even during changeovers. The multiple-carrier booster doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of gain in order to provide that flexibility. You can rely on it to deliver the benefits of reliable mobile service and to compensate effectively for signal problems.

WilsonPro’s signal-boosting technology works not only to equally enhance the services of all major carriers operating in your area, but it’s also fully self-contained. cell phone signal boosters provide an affordable, FCC-approved solution to enhance in-building signal and solve your unique business challenges.

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Contact WilsonPro Today

Prominent brands across multiple industry verticals rely on WilsonPro cellular signal boosters. These signal boosting systems really do work, and their ability to guarantee full digital access for geographically distributed teams, or teams working at large worksites, can be a crucial contributor to the efficiency of your company. They can enhance productivity, safety and the overall sense of connection among your colleagues and with your customers.

The experts at WilsonPro are more than happy to engage with you. We’re here to learn the specifics of your business’ mobile device needs and the challenges you face, and to provide recommendations for the best cell phone signal booster for your team.

Visit our website, or call us today and discover the peace of mind that comes with a clear signal. You can also find out more about WilsonPro’s solutions to enhance your team’s mobile device signals by downloading our Buyer’s Guide or scheduling a no-obligation demo.

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