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5G, the fifth generation of wireless network technology, which was launched barely last year, has already begun making giant waves in the digital world. But it’s hardly surprising since it was after all the singularly most anticipated event in the telecommunication industry, thanks to its remarkable potential to transform cellular networks. Its ‘next Big Thing’ tag is well-deserved as it’s poised to exponentially improve our ability to stay connected with the world.

And it has stayed true to its promise as it is being increasingly adopted in sectors ranging from public safety and healthcare to retail and education and not to forget financial services. Businesses as well as consumers can now reap the enormous benefits of the transformative technology like high speed, fast response, and low latency. But are they? Well, not really.

Many users have not been able to tap into the superior advantages offered by 5G. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, the predominant one being that the 5G technology standard, like its predecessor, is obstructed by buildings and other structures, making it difficult for users to enjoy uninterrupted cellular signal reception. But this problem can be easily overcome by opting for a 5G cellular amplifier. But what cellular amplifiers work with 4G and 5G?

Read on to find out. Also learn how you can take advantage of the next big technology wave powered by 5G with the help of Pro 710i – WilsonPro’s first 5G-specific Cellular Amplifier.

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Leverage 5G Benefits with the WilsonPro 710i 5G Cellular Amplifier

5G is poised to replace old wireless benchmarks like 4G LTE, speeding up data transfer and communication speeds. Furthermore, given its speedier response rates, higher bandwidth, and minimum latency, it’s also expected to facilitate an easier and faster connection of multiple smart devices via the Internet of Things (IoT).

The 5G wireless technology standard can thus help us transcend the boundaries of space by allowing us to connect to the new wave of IoT-enabled smart products like smart phones, smart homes, and even smart vehicles and operate them remotely at the click of a button. But to leverage this wealth of advanced possibilities driven by technological developments, it’s necessary to resolve the challenges associated with enjoying seamless and uninterrupted 5G cellular connectivity.

The Challenges in Leveraging 5G

Being the successor of 4G technology, 5G is naturally much more advanced but it unfortunately shares the same problem as its predecessor – poor signal reception. The 5G cellular network faces difficulties in penetrating buildings and other structures.

For instance construction materials like glass, concrete, brick, and metal can obstruct the cellular connectivity, negatively impacting our ability to do business and stay connected, whether it is at home, office, or anywhere else. If you’re wondering how to boost the 5G signal, this is exactly where a 5G cellular amplifier comes into play.

Making 5G a Reality for Businesses and Consumers

What cellular amplifiers work with 4G and 5G? The answer is WilsonPro. Always at the forefront of cellular signal amplifier innovation, Wilson Electronics, which owns the WilsonPro brand, has been committed to providing the latest solutions in enhancing cellular reception of both 4G and 5G technologies.

In recent years, it has dedicated research towards the sole aim of making the 5G technology standard available to a higher number of users. With the Pro 710i – its first 5G cellular amplifier solution – its efforts and patience have finally paid off. The single-band, commercial-grade 5G cellular amplifier is now ready and will be publicly available for purchase this fall. The company began taking pre-orders for the Pro 710i as early as the beginning of this year.

Pro 710i Technology

The Pro 710i 5G cellular booster utilizes the Band 71 (600 MHz) frequency to enhance the cellular signal for multiple carriers like U. S. Cellular, T-Mobile, and others, making 5G a reality for businesses and consumers alike. It’s similar to other WilsonPro amplifiers in that it features the eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology to ensure that any changes in the outdoor signal quality are automatically adjusted. This technique, in turn, ensures zero possibility of a signal overload or shut down of the amplifier.

How Does It Work?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the Pro 710i – the Wilson 5G booster – does not replace the existing 4G cellular coverage expansion equipment installed at any location but rather complements it as it covers a single band – Band 71 (600 MHz).

It has a single, powerful indoor antenna port that boasts +23 dBm of downlink power. In addition, it can cover a massive area up to 100,000 sq. ft. where there is a strong external cellular signal.

Two Options – Separate Entity or in Conjunction with Current System

The WilsonPro 710i 5G cellular amplifier is versatile, offering users the option to use it either as a standalone product or along with an existing WilsonPro boosting system.

In the former option, that is, as a standalone product, it supports the ongoing 5G rollout on carriers like U. S. Cellular, T-Mobile, and others on Band 71. If it’s used in the latter mode, there is no need to replace the current WilsonPro amplifiers systems as the Pro 710i can be used in parallel with your existing WilsonPro boosting system.

Carrier Approval Needed for Industrial Solutions

Since the WilsonPro 710i 5G cellular amplifier is certified under FCC Part 20 of the Industrial Cellular Amplifier Rules, carrier permission is required for operation of industrial systems. However the good part is that unlike other 5G commercial signal booster solutions, it doesn’t require approval from every carrier prior to installation. It only requires registration and approval of the carrier that is broadcasting 600 MHz, Band 71 in the given area.

Pro 710i Applications

Owing to its single, powerful indoor antenna port that boasts of +23 dBm of downlink power, the Pro 710i offers large indoor coverage spanning up to 100,000 sq. ft. This makes it suitable for large industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, hotels, schools and other educational institutes, and healthcare facilities. It’s also the right fit for commercial as well as residential real estate properties.

The Pro 710i 5G cellular amplifier offers enhanced connectivity and super-fast response times and download speeds, allowing the visitors, residents, employees, and tenants of your building to take advantage of the powerful 5G technology and even upgrade their lifestyles by connecting to IoT-enabled devices.

Pro 710i Guarantee

The Pro 710i consists of a Wilson 710i Amp and Power Supply. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the product for three years and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please note that this product requires professional installation by certified installers only. Additional cable and antennas are sold separately.

WilsonPro 710i Spearheads the 5G Trail

Wilson Electronics is the first cellular amplifier solution provider to embrace 5G, fulfilling its users’ long-awaited dream of connecting to the next generation of wireless technology. There are several benefits of adopting cellular amplifier solutions that are 5G ready today.

For instance, opting for the Pro 710i 5G cellular amplifier would ensure that users wouldn’t have to invest in additional software upgrades or patches in the future, unlike the users of other cellular amplifier solution providers. Furthermore it would be reassuring for WilsonPro users to know that even existing WilsonPro products will continue to work even as bands 4/5/12/13/25 are slowly converted to 5G.

However this is not true for all our competitors as they haven’t yet caught on to the 5G bandwagon, with many of them preparing to be 5G ready by the second–half or end of this year. If you’re using a solution that is not 5G ready today, be prepared to invest time and money in additional upgrades or support patches at some point ahead.

Are You Ready to Make 5G a Reality?

We’re currently accepting pre-orders for the Pro 710i 5G cellular amplifier. So if you’re ready to make 5G a reality for the employees, visitors, tenants, and residents of your building, place your order for the WilsonPro 710i by contacting WilsonPro or your authorized Wilson Pro sales representative today. For additional information on WilsonPro’s commitment to increasing the reach of 5G, please visit /5g.

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