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Facility managers are facing a growing contradiction in large commercial spaces — employees need to conduct business on cell phones, but large offices cannot maintain a cellular signal. One study found 88 percent of small and medium companies use cell phones for business, and yet only two percent of commercial buildings have dedicated technology to offer reliable cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage is an addressable issue that leads to unnecessary stress, lost productivity and compromised security.

Coal fired electric power plantA passive distributed antenna system, also known as a cell phone booster, strengthens data signals to reduce dropped calls and spotty connections. As a result, users benefit from clearer call quality, faster data and a more reliable signal — essential cellular features that are often hindered by large commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, schools and warehouses.

A cell phone signal booster for large areas is like a movie projector: a signal enters a booster and is amplified to cover a greater area — a booster strengthens signal connection up to 32x more than a regular cellular signal. WilsonPro Passive DAS boosts faint cellular signals, and broadcasts it across a large area improving coverage up to 35,000 square feet per cell booster.

Two factors contribute to poor indoor signal strength: distance and obstruction. Being far from a cell tower can cause a weak signal,and virtually anything can block connection.

Common obstructions include man made blockage like buildings, and natural features like trees and mountains. It is impossible to move mountains, so WilsonPro offers a reliable solution to commercial spaces trapped in a dreaded cellular dead zone.

Certified installation experts make improving signal quality easy. A comprehensive site survey and signal test will account for nuanced issues within a large commercial space like layout, building material and other special requirements. A one-time installation is tailored to your commercial space to maximize signal strength and call quality. Installation does not require any recurring fees, and WilsonPro products and services are priced well below the competition. Once installed, signal boosters require little monitoring and are low-maintenance.

WilsonPro cell boosters work with every cellular carrier, and all cell-enabled devices — including phones, tablets and cell modems. As an industry leader, WilsonPro is proud to offer, on average, 30x more coverage than the closest competitor, and for less cost.

Passive DAS is the answer to low signal commercial spaces, and WilsonPro ensures quality through the reliability of commercial cell phone boosters, comprehensive design and certified installation — WilsonPro is not a product, it is a solution.

To learn more about our products and which solution could work for you download our Buyer’s Guide.

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