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The Problem 

Poor cellular coverage in a building as cutting edge as the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) was unacceptable. The developers of this state-of the-art facility turned to WilsonPro to make sure it was an issue they would not have to worry about. 

Project Details 

This project required a modern wireless infrastructure that not only supported commercial cellular coverage but that could also integrate two-way security radio and TETRA emergency service. With large numbers of visitors moving around the building, often concentrated in particular areas, the operators needed the ability to easily deploy cellular sectors in three different zones. 

CCD needed a single infrastructure solution, but with the ability to add new services over time with little or no incremental cost or disruption. Zinwave by WilsonPro, the unique wideband in-building wireless platform, was the only solution that could meet all of the key criteria. 

The WilsonPro solution easily accommodates all carriers and services, commercial cellular, public safety and private mobile radio bands. Cellular sectorization is uniquely supported by a built-in switch matrix that, by simple software configuration, selectively routes services to specific areas of the building as required. 

The telecommunications industry is a rapidly changing environment, and the ability to easily add future services to the selected wireless coverage solution was an important factor for CCD. WilsonPro’s Zinwave wideband technology provides this without the need for service-specific hardware or system upgrade. 


3,000-seat forum 
2,000-seat auditorium 
4,500 m² exhibition space 
22 meeting rooms 


3 Ireland 


GSM 1800 

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