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The Problem 

Located 35 kilometers from the heart of the capital, Queen Alia International Airport was first inaugurated in 1983 to become Jordan’s key gateway to the world. The airport serves over 6 million passengers annually, in addition to providing air cargo and other aviation support services. 

Project Details 

Construction of a new, state-of-the-art terminal and rehabilitation of the older facilities meant that improving its airport-wide ICT infrastructure was also necessary. WilsonPro’s Zinwave platform was selected because of its ability to support multiple services and frequencies on a single hardware layer, making it an ideal long-term and expandable solution throughout the airport. 

The simple design of the equipment meant that the installation of remote units and fiber-optic cabling around the terminal could be accomplished without impacting the building’s overall appearance, which was in line with the architects’ vision. 

System performance in all frequencies between 150MHz and 2700MHz enabled the airport to overcome various safety and performance concerns and secure the competitive commercial TETRA license. 


19 million m² total area 
In-building coverage for passenger and cargo terminals, service facilities, car parks and underground maintenance areas 
22 meeting rooms 


1 primary hub, 4 secondary hubs, and 28 remote units 
3 Ireland 


TETRA over 350-360MHz band 
Commercial cellular services pending General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) review 

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