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The Problem 

Redeveloped beginning in 2007 and reopened in 2010, Westfield Sydney is an exclusive shopping destination in the heart of downtown Sydney. Situated beneath the iconic Sydney Tower, the center is home to many of Australia’s and the world’s premier retailers. 

Project Details 

The owners, Westfield Group, recognized it was critical for a prestigious shopping center to provide ubiquitous wireless service for all commercial carriers and bands, and also planned to operate its own Private Mobile Radio (PMR) system for its staff. As part of the redevelopment, Westfield selected WilsonPro to meet its in-building wireless needs. 

As the only true wideband in-building wireless platform, WilsonPro’s Zinwave platform was extremely attractive for its ability to accommodate multiple services from each of three commercial carriers, plus the PMR system, on one hardware layer. This made for a fast, easy, inexpensive and non-disruptive installation. 

Moreover, the Zinwave platform offered the ability to add future services, like 4G and 5G, onto the existing system without expensive upgrades or new construction. 


88,000 m² retail space 
Four mall structures 
22 meeting rooms 


4 primary hubs 
21 secondary hubs 
165 remote units 


Supports 3 operators and public safety 
Optus GSM 1800, 2100 WCDMA 
Telstra 850 WCDMA, 2100 WCDMA 
Vodafone 1800 GSM, 2100 WCDMA 

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