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“Until now, the value proposition for connectivity has really been about two use cases—the first is to fulfill a hard need that exists today and the second is to open possible, future opportunities.  Before 5G, the first use case dominated. Now, with the advent of 5G, that second use case really should be getting more attention. The primary reason to make the investment is to enable new use cases that will be possible because of advanced mobile connectivity.  Solving the problem that your phone isn’t working is certainly a valid use case, but, if you stop there, you’re missing the full range of possibilities that might give the organization a strategic advantage.”  

-Jeff Gudewicz, Chief Technology Officer, Wilson Electronics  

Connectivity needs at the organizational or enterprise level are changing. And, for many organizations, they will be substantively different than the needs at the individual use level. So, while it’s important that your connectivity be able to handle everything individual users expect to do with their mobile devices, it’s even more critical to think beyond that. What high-speed data transfer and edge processing capabilities will help transform your business? 

Defining the Value of Advanced Connectivity to Your Organization 

While your connectivity needs will certainly depend on your type of business, here are some general factors to consider: 

  • Infrastructure design and future readiness: Technology is always evolving. What meets demands now won’t keep up with your ever-changing business needs. Consider a 3-year, 5-year, or even 10-year strategy for advanced connectivity. 
  • Increased capacity and speed: At least in part, most enterprise applications require advanced connectivity because it enables more simultaneous connections. This is crucial as the number of users or IoT devices in the building increases. 
  • High-speed data transfer: This isn’t just for faster internet browsing. It enables quicker cloud access, real-time data analytics, faster file transfers, seamless video conferencing, and better business app performance. 
  • Enhanced user experience: Users of site-specific mobile applications require real-time data transfer, from hybrid shopping to smart manufacturing. Other enhanced or hybrid experiences may require high-definition streaming for presentations, AR/VR, AI-based applications, etc.  
  • Support for emerging technologies: Advanced connectivity is also essential for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Think smart building management systems, security cameras, smart HVAC systems, manufacturing equipment, and more. 
  • Edge computing: With data processing being done closer to where data is generated, there’s potential for real-time insights and analytics. 
  • Increased property value: Buildings advanced connectivity infrastructure can demand higher rents and have a competitive edge in both commercial and residential real estate. 
  • Operational efficiency: Faster connectivity can result in better performance of cloud-based platforms, leading to potential operational cost savings. 
  • Safety and security: In emergencies, reliable connectivity can be lifesaving. It can enable smart security systems, extend the reach of public safety communications, and help ensure business continuity in a crisis.  
  • Smart building systems: Enhanced connectivity allows for better control over building utilities, leading to energy savings and sustainable operations. 
  • Remote work and global collaboration: With the rise of remote working, having high-speed connectivity ensures that employees can collaborate efficiently, regardless of where they’re located. 


Consider the business opportunities your organization could lose if competitors or similar buildings adopt advanced connectivity and benefit from its value, while yours chooses not to invest.  

Specific value can vary significantly by industry. Here’s a table showing some of the applications for advanced connectivity in different environments:  

Industry Vertical Use Cases for Advanced Connectivity 
Retail Ultimate CX for Hybrid Shopping (Virtual Shopping Assistants; AR; Interactive Product Displays; Location-Based Marketing) Mobile PoS Omni-Channel Fulfillment  Inventory Management 
Education VR, AR, & XR Learning Hybrid, In-Person and Remote Learning Fan UX at Sporting Events  Safety Across Campus Smart Classrooms (Smartboards, Projectors, etc.) Realtime Translation Apps and Devices Adaptive, AI-Guided Learning 
Healthcare Telemedicine (Video, real-time monitoring) IoMT Devices (Wearables) Patient Experience (Mobile Forms, Apps, Resources) Med Reference Smart Health Facilities Connected Ambulances 
Industrial Real Estate (Logistics, Manufacturing) Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT) Order Management (Realtime Fulfillment; Inventory Optimization) Supply Chain Visibility Robotic Warehousing Rural Manufacturing Equipment Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Remote Troubleshooting 
Commercial Real Estate Smart Buildings Tenant Services (Virtual Concierge; Wayfinding; Hospitality) Parking Lot Sensors and Electric Vehicle Chargers Coworking Spaces and Room Scheduling HVAC/Lighting Efficiency Workplace Optimization Safety (Predictive AI and Video Monitoring) 
Hospitality Enhanced Guest Experience (Location-Based Services,  Keyless Entry (Mobile Check-In/Check-Out; Room Controls) Enhanced Entertainment and Streaming Media Smart Hotel Ops (On-Demand Housekeeping; Mobile Ordering) Connectivity without Wi-Fi   
High Tech  Rural Data Centers Mobile Access for Cloud Services IoT  High Resolution Imaging Remote Collaboration and Quality Control  Edge Computing Security and Surveillance 5G and 6G Research (Development of Next-Gen Apps and Devices) 
Government Multi-User Applications Connected Experiences (e-Government Services) Smart Cities (Traffic Management; Connected Infrastructure) Public Safety and Emergency Services (Disaster Response) 
Construction Site Connectivity Safety Monitoring (Environmental Monitoring; Wearables) Equipment Maintenance and Management Remote Project Management 
Energy Smart-Grid Management Advanced Cybersecurity Remote Asset Monitoring and Control Realtime Energy Inventory (Renewable Energy Integration from Solar and Wind Farms) 

You need advanced connectivity to take advantage of both current and future opportunities. WilsonPro leads the market in wireless connectivity with adaptable, scalable connectivity infrastructure and agile deployments. Our systems can be installed quickly and come with expert support, accelerating your time-to-value. Don’t be left behind. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

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