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Cell phone signal boosters offer employees and customers improved cell phone signal strength while they’re inside an office building or retail space. These devices help expand cell phone coverage in places where there is not usually a good signal.

Office buildings and other commercial spaces may not have good cell phone coverage for a variety of reasons, including building materials, electromagnetic interference and distance from the nearest cell phone tower.

If you’re considering adding a cell phone signal booster to your office, check out this list of our top three choices.

3 Best Office Cell Phone Signal Boosters of 2020

Enterprise 4300-min

1. Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Commercial Buildings: Enterprise 4300

For a strong industrial signal booster, the Enterprise 4300 is an ideal choice. It’s designed specifically for large commercial buildings and provides 100,000 square feet of coverage per amplifier.

The Enterprise 4300 boasts unique Multi-Tower Targeting technology. It can run up to three outdoor antennas, each of which has a specific frequency band, so collectively, they can amplify signals from multiple cell phone towers.

For even more flexibility, the Enterprise 4300 can also utilize a “common mode” setting as its default — in this case, it only needs one outdoor antenna to deliver enhanced cell phone coverage to four indoor antennas.

WilsonPro’s Enterprise 4300 is also 5G ready, so it will provide enhanced coverage for newer smartphones that use 5G technology.

Other key features of the Enterprise 4300 include:

  • Remote monitoring, management and configuration of the amplifier through a smartphone or tablet, which is ideal for large commercial spaces.
  • Auto-adjusting gain via XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology
  • Covers up to 100,000 square feet per amplifier
  • Color LCD touchscreen display for easy monitoring and configuring
  • Compatible with all major U.S. cellular network carriers

Pro 1100-min

2. Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for a Mid-Size Office: Pro 1100

The WilsonPro 1100 is an ideal solution for reaching far away cell towers, making it a great choice for mid-size offices in rural or other less populated areas. Part of WilsonPro’s next generation, professional-grade cell signal amplification technology, it has a strong uplink rating of up to 25 dBm and 15 dBm in downlink.

The Pro 1100 is ideal for mid-size offices because it boasts a coverage area of up to 35,000 square feet for continuous connectivity. This is a bit larger than the average-size grocery store, which is typically between 25,000 and 30,000 square feet.

Finally, the large color touchscreen makes it easy for users to configure the unit, monitor its operation, troubleshoot difficulties and adjust outdoor antennas. It’s also 5G ready, so it’s ready to perform for mid-size offices into the next decade and beyond.

The WilsonPro Pro 1100 lets you build your own custom amplifier kit as well — choose among different spool lengths and materials to suit your business’s needs.

Other key features of the Pro 1100 include:

  • XDR Technology, which automatically adjusts amplifier gain
  • +25 dBm uplink power, +15 dBm downlink power
  • Consistent, enhanced cell phone coverage for up to 35,000 square feet
  • Color LCD touchscreen for monitoring gain and power levels of each band and setting up antennas

pro 70 plus signal booster-min

3. Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Small Offices: WilsonPro 70 Plus

This powerful cell phone signal booster can cover areas up to 25,000 square feet. It’s compatible with both omnidirectional and dome antennas for flexibility with installation, and the WilsonPro 70 Plus is capable of powering multiple indoor antennas, which is a great option if your offices are located on more than one floor.

This cell phone signal booster may be available as a renewed item, which means it’s refurbished and has been used before. Purchasing a renewed WilsonPro 70 Plus can result in significant cost savings as compared to the price of a new unit.

The WilsonPro 70 Plus cell phone signal booster may be a good option if:

  • The booster is for a large office with either a strong or weak outdoor signal
  • You would prefer to have many configurable options for your cell phone booster
  • Office construction materials are causing a weak indoor signal

Why Are Cell Phone Signals Poor in Office Buildings?

Contrary to what some people think, a poor cell phone signal isn’t necessarily your carrier’s fault or their areas of coverage. In fact, it typically has more to do with outside factors, such as the building materials used to construct your office building.

Metal, concrete and energy-efficient construction materials can all weaken incoming cell phone signals. So while signal strength might be good outdoors, the signal inside the building can end up diminished after passing through obstructing materials.

Another factor that influences signal strength is your physical distance from the tower. The longer the cell phone signal has to travel, the weaker the signal becomes. If you’re in an area where there aren’t a lot of cell phone towers, or the closest one is quite far away, your signal can be quite diminished. This is partially why cell phone signal strength tends to be better in more populated areas, like cities, because more towers are nearby.

Other factors that can cause poor cell phone signal strength include:

  • Landforms. Mountains, hills and valleys can all interfere with cell phone signal.
  • Electromagnetic interference. Electronics and other metal objects can disrupt or otherwise interfere with cell signal strength.
  • Tower congestion. This happens when a lot of people try to use their cell phones at the same time.
  • Weather events. Humidity, heavy cloud cover, thunder, lightning, wind and rain can all affect the strength of cell phone signals.

workers using cellphones in an office-min

How a Cell Phone Booster Helps Boost Poor Signals

When you install a cell phone booster for your office, the outdoor unit pulls in the existing cell phone signal, boosts it, and then transmits the signal to indoor units, which rebroadcast the cell phone signal to desired indoor areas.

Depending on the cell phone booster model, it may come with several indoor units to provide a stronger signal to multiple areas of an office building, or it may just include one if it’s designed to work in a smaller space.

A cell phone booster system usually consists of:

  • An external antenna, which captures the incoming cell phone signal
  • An amplifier, which boosts the incoming weak signal to make it stronger
  • An indoor antenna, which rebroadcasts the strengthened signal to multiple indoor areas

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See what WilsonPro can do for you and your business to improve indoor cell phone signal strength. An authorized WilsonPro provider will contact you and prepare an estimate for your project.

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