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SALT LAKE CITY – June 12, 2020 – Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal booster technology, today announced that the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 has been named a winner in the Cell Signal Booster Solutions category for the 2020 Commercial Integrator BEST Awards. The BEST Awards, with categories in audio/video (AV), information technology (IT) and Security, recognize outstanding new products, solutions, and services that can affect commercial integrators’ businesses.

The Enterprise 4300 cellular signal booster amplifies cellular signal for all US cellular carriers, making it an ideal solution to ensure that a building’s residents, employees, and visitors can all enjoy strong, reliable cellular signal. The Enterprise 4300 is stackable and scalable, allowing multiple amplifiers to be combined to provide coverage in buildings up to one million square feet. The amplifier features the industry’s first foray into Multi-Tower Targeting Technology™, using its three outdoor-antenna-port configuration to receive cellular signal from multiple cell towers at the same time.

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It is also integrated with WilsonPro Cloud remote functionality—enabling users and integrators to remotely manage, monitor, and adjust their cellular amplifiers and receive real-time updates with any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. Boasting the full legal limit of +17 dBm downlink power, the Enterprise 4300 is the most powerful cellular amplifier available in this price category (FCC parts 20).

“The Enterprise 4300 is a game changer for large commercial buildings, including hospitals, hotels, warehouses and office buildings,” said Bruce Lancaster, CEO at Wilson Electronics. “We’re proud to see it recognized by Commercial Integrator’s BEST Awards and look forward to continuing to lead the cellular signal amplifier market.”

The BEST Award winners are chosen by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of Commercial Integrator. Criteria for winning products includes innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits the product provides to the integrator.

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About WilsonPro and Wilson Electronics, LLC

Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro and weBoost, has been the market leader in cellular signal amplifier technology for over 20 years. WilsonPro manufactures amplifiers, antennas and related components to improve indoor cellular coverage throughout commercial buildings in every industry imaginable. Each amplifier is FCC approved to amplify signal from all major carriers for all cellular devices, significantly improving cellular coverage. All Wilson Electronics products are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.

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